The Rise of Right Wing Extremists

Having reached the peak of its civilization, the west had no other destination than to begin from where it started. This steep decline by the western nations is the sudden fall of the World Power predicted in Revelation 18:1-24.

The West and the rest of the earth had to endure the dominance of ignorance. Ignorance began to rule as xenophobia, racism, sexism, etc. People began to take pride in these things and openly profess them as they did in the dark past of humanity.

At the core of this are the demons symbolized by the frog; and all who are categorized under the banner of the demons are like frogs. John’s witnessing to the rise of the demons at the end of time was documented as,
“Then I saw three unclean spirits that looked like frogs.” (Revelation 16:13)

Unclean = Morally Wrong

              = Questionable

Unclean Spirit = Foul

Foul: having disgusting smell, very unpleasant, wicked or obscene, polluted.

Frogs = Demons

Three unclean spirits: three questionable ideologies.

Then I saw three unclean spirits: then I saw three questionable ideologies.

That looked like frogs: that looked like demons.

These wicked ideologies were ugly and noisy like frogs. They were propaganda, lies and false predictions dominating the internet and the media. Their threat to peace was so severe that that there was no other suitable word to describe them than the word ‘Ugly’. They were ugly because they were capable of destabilizing global peace and dragging the earth into a catastrophic global bloodbath.

“They were coming out of the mouth of the dragon, the mouth of the beast, and the mouth of the false prophet” (Revelation 16:13)

The dragon = the East

The Beast = the West

The False Prophet = the prophet of doom

Coming out of the mouth = Combined Voices

They were coming out of the mouth of the dragon: Propaganda from the East.

Dragon means the ancient world. This world is centralized at the Middle East, and spreads from North Africa to Asia. The sum of the political and religious propaganda coming from this ancient world to the other parts of the earth is equal to the voice of the dragon from the mouth of the dragon.

Various propaganda outlets, masked as news media; social networks; and other means of communication were used by the people of the ancient world to manipulate and deceive people of other nations. The consequences are violence, bloodbath, terrorism, war and wickedness.

The mouth of the beast: manipulative propaganda and lies coming from the western media and social networks.

The beast means the World power. Like Babylon, headed by king Nebuchadnezzar, was the world power in the ancient world; so the nations of the West are the world powers in New Babylon. Being the World Powers means that they are the most sophisticated and powerful nations on earth.

And the mouth of the false prophet: false prophecies and predictions from self-acclaimed prophets. They were busy predicting politics, economy, money and the things of the earth while they couldn’t detect that what they were doing had been predicted and recorded in the Holy Bible. This means that they were striving to predict others while they couldn’t see what was predicted about them.