The Rise of Nazi Germany

The prophet Daniel predicted that Nazi Germany will rise to dominate Europe. He said the Nazi Regime will overthrow the three consecutive world powers – Greece, Italy and France.

Central to his description of the Nazi Regime was a human being named Adolf Hitler. Nazi Propaganda and the activities of informants and the Gestapo were also described in Prophet Daniels’s prediction. The prophet Daniel identified the Nazi Regime as the Little Horn.

“I saw a little horn coming up among the others. It tore out three of the horns that were already there. This horn had human eyes and a mouth that was boasting proudly.” (Daniel 7:8)

I saw a little horn coming up among others: I saw a new kingdom emerging from the midst of the existing kingdoms.
Europe was a continent comprising the first three world powers and other kingdoms. Immediately Europe rose to the status of a world power, the three world powers that came before it were no longer addressed as beasts; but as horns. This means that the three empires formerly addressed as ‘three beasts’ or ‘three world powers’ became the three horns of Europe. The only beast at this point was Europe. Every other beast that came before Europe became its horns because they were part of Europe.

A little horn coming up among the others means that a new world power was emerging from Europe. Before now there were only three world powers.

The little horn was Nazi Germany. The prophet Daniel saw the rise of Nazism in Europe and described it as a little horn coming up to challenge the three world powers.

It tore out three of the horns that were already there: It overthrew the first three world powers.
The successive three world powers before the emergence of the little horn were the Greek Empire, the Roman Empire, and the French empire. Nazi Germany dethroned Greece, Italy and France; and became the most powerful empire in Europe.

This horn had human eyes:  Informants and the Gestapo were at the core of the Nazi political machine.

A human named Adolf Hitler was the architect of Nazism and the overseer of the Nazi Regime.
Nazism manifested as a human being. The characteristic eyes of Adolf Hitler were the eyes of Nazism.  This means that the little horn could be called any of the following: Nazi Germany or Nazism or the Nazi Regime or Adolf Hitler.

Human eyes: the eyes mean that strict monitoring and informants were central to Nazism. The Jews were hunted down by the power of the informants. Strict monitoring manifested as the activities of the Gestapo. The human eyes were the power of surveillance and spies.

And a mouth that was boasting proudly: the use of propaganda was central to the Nazi Regime.
Propaganda manifested as the boasting mouth of Adolf Hitler.

Proudly: Adolf Hitler used his hands to demonstrate, in all sense of confidence, while boasting of being capable of making impossibilities possible.

Hitler’s propaganda and desperation to rule the whole earth and dominate the entire human race was the doom of Europe. Europe had a grip on the throat of the entire human race until Hitler. Europeans were colonial masters over people of other nations, races, tribes and languages. Hitler thought he could conquer the colonial masters, take charge of their colonies, and become the sole ruler of the whole earth.
He practically sparked up a bloody war that left the continent of Europe bleeding profusely. Europe was the beast and Hitler’s war was an injury on Europe. Blood came out of this wound. This was why Europe was the beast that had a wound.