The Sweeping Power of Europe

The prophet Daniel predicted Europe as the next world power after the Emperor of the French. He identified it as the fourth beast. Unlike the other three world powers that came before it, Europe had no centralized government. It was made up of sovereign kingdoms united and governed by an invisible force - like a Confederation.

No peoples or nations were able to stand against the Europeans when they came out of the continent of Europe to explore, exploit and to conquer. No one or nothing was spared. Plants and animals alike were threatened by extinction - wild animals and trees in the forests were not spared. Ahead is a forest which will soon be turned into a desert. 

Neither were the rivers, the oceans, lakes, mountains, deserts or glaciers. Coffins were dug out of graves and burial sites were excavated in places like Egypt, Jerusalem and South America. Even the seabed was not spared in the search for treasures and artifacts.  

Snakes and rats were owned as pets. Everything and everyone was meant to satisfy the insatiable appetite of this empire. The world owed it that much.

This empire was so powerful that after exploring, exploiting and owning the whole earth, its people began the space race and divided among themselves all that is in space. They went as far as owning the stars, naming them after themselves and their heroes. It was the most powerful, dreadful and influential empire in the history of humanity.

“A fourth beast appeared. It was powerful, horrible, terrifying. With its huge iron teeth it crushed its victims, and then it trampled on them. Unlike the other beasts, it had ten horns” (Daniel 7:7)

It was powerful: Europe was so powerful that no nation or peoples or person was able to escape punishment after defying the authority of Europe.
Trade with other peoples was designed, facilitated and regulated by Europe. It decided the prices of other people’s commodities, and bought at a price favorable to itself.

Horrible, terrifying: Europe caused fear and terror all over the earth.
People in sub-Saharan Africa lived in panic and fear during the era of the transatlantic slave trade. They were practically afraid of being kidnapped by slave raiders and sold into slavery. 

Children were kidnapped on their way to fetch water from the stream or firewood from the forest. Children cried the loss of their missing parents; and whole family mourned hoping that one day their kidnapped family member would return. They were never seen again.

Fear was in the air. No one could be bold enough to go to the farm or the stream or the market alone. Kidnappers were everywhere, desperate at kidnapping and selling fellow humans to the lord and master waiting at the seashore.

With its huge iron teeth: with its huge military hardware

Teeth is used for biting. 


Teeth = Military

Iron  = Hardware
         = Machine

 Machine Gun.

Its victims: most of those who were conquered by this empire were of no match at all; hence they were described as victims. 

A man armed with a spear or bow and arrow is no match for a man armed with rifle and gun powder. Europe was the manufacturer and merchant of weapons of war. How could any nation or people or individual use the weapon manufactured and sold by Europe to fight against Europe?

It crushed its victim: Europe used ruthless force to conquer and rule over people of every tribe, nation, language and race. 

Through the power of the gun, there were land grab in places like Australia, the area now known as the United States of America, Canada, Africa, and the Islands. Lands were seized from indigenous people and every resistance was squashed. There was genocide in Australia where the Aborigines were almost wiped out of the surface of the earth. Native Americans also suffered genocide, while their lands were taken by force.

Crush: break, squash, defeat or subdued completely

Europe used its guns to crush every opposition, revolt or resistance to its authority and rule. People from all parts of the earth fell by the bullets while the Europeans were advancing to the ends of the earth. Some were executed, some died in war, and others didn’t have to go to war before they were shot dead.

The Jews were hated in Europe for insisting on their Jewish identity. The power of Europe dealt ruthlessly with the Jews in places like Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and environs. Jewish women were practically stripped naked in public.

Husbands, children, wives, fathers, daughters, uncles, nephews, cousins, brothers, mothers, sons, grand fathers and grand mothers were thrown into gas chambers and suffocated to death. Families, friends, neighbors, strangers; were rounded up, shot and their corpses buried in mass graves. Some were locked up in prisons called concentration camps, where they were starved to death. This was the Holocaust.

And it trampled on them: and colonize them
Once the Europeans have completely crushed a people, they would impose their own government on them. They would either govern them directly or impose indirect rule

In the absence of colonialism, there was neocolonialism. They imposed their own language, culture and value; and people of other tribes, nations, races and languages were never perfect in these things. All peoples kept following them; and never approach or surpass them.

How Europe crushed and trampled on its victims was displayed by the apartheid in South Africa. Other nations that dared to oppose or rebel against the authority and power of Europe suffered economic woes and political instability.

Unlike the other beasts, it had ten horns: unlike the other three world powers that came before it, Europe was made up of ten constitutional monarchies.

The ten monarchies were identified as the ten horns.  The ten horns are:

Note that although Andorra and the Vatican City were listed as parts of the monarchies in Europe, they were not parts of the ten constitutional monarchies in Europe. In fact, they belonged to the Church. Andorra and the Vatican City were headed by Bishops.