Saturn's Hexagram is the Cross

Saturn’s hexagram is the Cross – the plus sign used as the central symbol of worship in Christianity. The Cross is the product of the intersection of vertical and horizontal formats of the same straight line.

The vertical line is equal to a triangle, and the horizontal line is equal to the mirror image of the triangle. The intersection of the two straight lines is equal to the intersection of the triangle and its mirror image.

Intersection of two straight lines
The Cross is the holy Bible, and the vertical and horizontal lines are the two Testaments constituting the Holy Bible. The vertical line is the Old Testament; the horizontal line is the New Testament.
Diagram: Intersection of the two testaments
This means that Saturn’s hexagram in the North Pole of planet Saturn is the Cross.
Diagram: Hexagram is the cross
Since the Cross is the Holy Bible, Saturn’s hexagram is the Holy Bible.
Diagram: Hexagram is the Holy Bible
Change in the colour of Saturn’s hexagram from blue to gold (yellow) means that the Cross is now bright and shining in the sky above.
Diagram: Planet Saturn is the Cross
The Cross is the throne of God; which implies that Saturn’s hexagram is the throne of God. Since the Cross is the Holy Bible, Saturn’s hexagram is the Holy Bible mounted in space.
Diagram: Saturn’s Hexagram is the Holy Bible.
This means that God has opened the Holy Bible in Judgment. And the prophecy is fulfilled:
The books will be opened across the sky” (2 ESDRAS 6:20)
Opening the books across the sky means that the positions of the stars in space will be oriented toward the prophecies contained in the Holy Bible.

The Books: the Books constituting the Holy Bible.

Judgment began on January 1, 2017, as the morning star – Planet Saturn – ushered in the New Year.