Saturn's Hexagon is YAHWEH'

Saturn’s Hexagram is YAHWEH’, the God of Israel. YAHWEH’ is the LORD – the Judge - from which everything that exists comes into existence.

YAHWEH’ is portrayed by the famous hexagram that is symbolic of Judaism. The six sides of the hexagram are six wings, each wing representing a letter of the six letters comprising the Word YAHWEH’.

YAHWEH’ = Six Wings

A = Wing 1
H = Wing 2
W = Wing 3
E = Wing 4
H’ = Wing 5
Y = Wing 6

In other words, the Word YAHWEH’ is derived from the six wings.

YAHWEH manifested in two colours of the hexagram – blue and Gold (Yellow).  The blue hexagram was the Star of David. The golden (yellowish) hexagram was the star of Solomon.

Saturn’s hexagon was initially blue until it turned Gold (Yellow) recently. The transition of the hexagon from blue to Gold (Yellow) implies the transfer of royal power from King David to King Solomon. King David ruled the universe until the hexagon turned Gold (Yellow).

Solomon is about Divine Wisdom or Holy Wisdom – the Wisdom of God. This means that the Wisdom of God began to rule the universe immediately the hexagram (Hexagon) turned from blue to Gold (Yellow).

Blue = King David
         = the Star of David
Gold (Yellow) = King Solomon
                          = Divine Wisdom
                          = the Star of Solomon

Solomon, Holy Wisdom, is also about the building of God’s Temple. We know that it was not David who built the Temple for God. Solomon did. This means that Saturn’s blue hexagon (hexagram) was not the Temple. The Temple is the Golden (Yellowish) hexagram. The yellowish (or golden) colour of the hexagram means that the Temple is a bright Light – the light to reveal the truth about God.

Solomon is Divine Wisdom; and since Solomon built the Temple for God, Divine Wisdom or God’s Wisdom was the builder of God’s Temple. Therefore, it is true that God’s Temple was not built by hand, but by God Himself.

Neither David nor Solomon was the Author or inventor of the hexagram. The Star of David was the manifestation of the degree of revelation of God to David. God was revealed to Solomon in a greater degree, progressing from the limit of the revelation of God to David. This means that the Star of David and the Star of Solomon are no two distinct hexagrams. They are the same hexagram – YAHWEH’.

The hexagram is itself perfect; but man’s knowledge of the hexagram was being perfected. Man’s knowledge of the hexagram was developing with time and history, and the limit of the knowledge of the hexagram available to man during the time of David was the bluish Star of David.

David could not build the Temple for God because the knowledge of God was not fully developed during his time. Further development was necessary before the Temple could be built. Such complete knowledge of God was attained during the time of Solomon.
Saturn’s hexagram was YAHWEH’, who was being revealed to man throughout the history of humanity. He Himself is complete – Perfect. But man’s knowledge of Him was developing with time and history. What was called the Star of David was a representation of David’s incomplete knowledge of YAHWEH’. Once man’s knowledge of YAHWEH’ got to the state of completion, YAHWEH’ appeared physically the way he really is. He is the Hexagram in Saturn’s North Pole.