Unity of the Hexagram, the Cross and the Trinity

Transformation of Saturn’s hexagon (Hexagram) to the Trinity, through the Cross, is the transition from the Flaming Creature with six wings to the Living Creature with four wings.

As a Flaming Creature, the hexagram represents the stars in space; and as a Living Creature, the hexagram represents the wind. Therefore, the transformation is a transition from flames of fire to the wind, then to the Trinity.
Flaming Creature = Stars
                                = Flames of Fire
Living Creature    = Wind

This means that the transition from the hexagram to the Cross is a transition from heat and light to wind. In other words, God is manifested as light, heat, and wind; and the transition is about the conservation of energy between light and heat and wind. This change in energy is the summary of creation. Small wonder Saturn’s hexagram is defined by the activities of wind in Saturn’s North and South Poles and the emission of light by excited particles constituting the Hexagram.

Central to what is happening in planet Saturn is Wave – Light Wave and Sound Wave. What is happening in Saturn’s North Pole is due to vibration. The vibration is called the Sound of Wings:

“There is a land where the sound of wings is head.” (Isaiah 18:1)

The Sound of wings: the phenomenon of Saturn’s hexagram described as wind in Saturn’s North Pole is the sound of the wings of YAHWEH’. It is the sound of the voice of God.

Being sound means that the hexagram is a wave; the particles of the vibrating wind have moved from their ground state to their excited state, and Saturn has attained the state of Resonance. Resonance is what is called a Loud Voice, the sound of the Trumpet.

“On the Lord’s Day the Spirit took control of me, and I heard a loud voice, that sounded like a trumpet” (Revelation 1:10)

What is happening in Saturn’s North Pole is the sound of the trumpet. Living Creature, Winged Creature and Flaming Creature are different ways of identifying an Angel. Therefore Saturn’s Hexagram is an Angel sounding the Trumpet. The sound of the Trumpet is vibration taking place in Planet Saturn.

Vibrations in Planet Saturn have attained Resonance; the Resonance manifested as the Benzene Resonance Structure. What is called the mysterious hexagram is Saturn’s North Pole is Resonance manifested physically as practical Benzene Resonance Structure.

Resonance is Saturn’s North Pole is due to the fact that the frequency of vibration of the wind (f₁) in Saturn’s North Pole is equal to the natural frequency of Planet Saturn (fₒ).

This means that Saturn’s is acting as a transmitter – a Radio Transmitter. It is Amplitude Modulate A.M. Anyone tuned in to the Amplitude of the Radio Station broadcasting from Planet Saturn could hear the sound of the Trumpet, the Voice of God. The Radio Broadcast is a Live Broadcast of God’s Judgment. YAHWEH’ has mounted His Judgment Seat; He is broadcasting His Judgment live to the Earth.

The transformation of Saturn’s hexagram to the Cross is a simple illustration of the transmission of God’s Judgment to the Church, and how the God of Israel became the God of the Christians. The Cross is the Church; and the hexagram is YAHWEH’, the God of Israel.

The six letters in the Word YAHWEH are the six wings of the Flaming Creature.

“Round him flaming creatures were standing, each of which had six wings” (Isaiah 6:2)

Six Wings: YAHWEH’

Y = Wing 7, A = Wing 1, H = Wing 3, W = Wing 4, E = Wing 5, H’ = Wing 6.
The six letters in the Word YAHWEH’ are truly four consonants YHWH’. The four consonants are four wings representing the Cross – the Living Creature.

“I saw what looked like four living creatures in human form, but each of them had four faces and four wings” (Ezekiel 1:6)

Four Wings: YHWH’

Y + A = 6 + 1
          = 7

W + E = 3 + 4
           = 7

Addition of Wing 5 and Wing 2 creates the third and perfect state called the Trinity – YHW.
The creation of the Trinity from the Cross is Perfection – the perfect state of God. Here, human knowledge of God is perfect. Perfect knowledge of God is in the state 777. When man’s knowledge of the triple seven – 777 – is complete, man is in the perfect state of God; living with God.

Therefore Resonance in the North Pole of Planet Saturn is the hexagram resonating with the Trinity through the Cross.