Planet Saturn is a Giant Clock in Space

Planet Saturn is a giant Clock in space. The twelve rings of the planet are twelve circles representing the 12 units of the Clock, as well as the twelve months of the year.

12 Rings = 12 Equal Units of the Clock

This means that Planet Saturn counts in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

Central to the Clock are the three hands of time:

  • The Second Hand
  • The Minute Hand
  • The Hour Hand

The three hands of the Clock are manifestations of the perfect state of the Blessed Trinity – 777. Number 777 is a right angled triangle. The right angle of the triangle is the Hour Hand, the right of the right angle is the Minute Hand, and the left of the right angle is the Hour Hand.

Therefore, the Trinity is the three hands of the Clock.

Trinity = 777

7 = Father
   = Hour

7 = Son
   = Minute

7 = Holy Spirit
   = Second
The three hands of the Clock are present as the Hexagon (six-sided polygon) in Saturn’s North Pole. This means that Saturn’s Hexagon is equal to a right angle triangle.
The right angled triangle is the Trinity – 777.

The Hexagon is made up of six wings numbered 1 to 6. With the six wings the Hexagon is a Hexagram.

Wing 6 and Wing 1 unite to form the edge Y.
Y = 6 + 1
   = 7
The resulting structure of the union of Wing 6 and Wing 1 is a Pentagram. The plane shape of the Pentagram is the Pentagon (five-sided polygon).
The pentagon is a star with five wings.

Wing 4 and Wing 3 unite to form the edge W.
W = 4 + 3
    = 7
The resulting structure is stellar Cross, and the shape formed is a Square (four-sided polygon).
Wing 5 and Wing 2 unite to form the edge H
H = 5 + 2
    = 7
Through the steps above the Hexagram is converted to the triangle. Therefore, the Hexagram is equal to the triangle. And since the triangle is the three hands of the Clock, the Hexagram is the three hands of the giant Saturn Cock (the Resonance Clock).

Planet Saturn is a Clock ticking, and the Hexagram is the moving hands of Time.

Humans and everything that exist are contained in Time. Therefore everything that ever occurred or existed was stored up in Time. They were all stored up in the giant Clock Saturn.

Saturn’s Eye has been looking down on the earth and keeping record of what has been happening there. Nothing that ever occurred on earth escaped Saturn’s Eye.

What is called Saturn’s Eye is a surveillance camera mounted in space to monitor the earth and keep record of everything happening on there. Everything that ever happened on earth was recorded in a disc – Saturn’s Disc. The Disc is the  Scroll.

God is out to play the disc. The playing of the disc is what is meant by the Final Judgment. The period of revealing everything contained in the disc is called Judgment Day.