Planet Saturn is a Giant Media House

Men were packed into a prison called earth; and a giant camera was mounted in the sky to monitor their activities. The camera is Saturn’s Eye mounted on the South Pole of Planet Saturn.

Saturn’s Eye = Surveillance Camera
                     = Eye of the Beast
                     = Eye of the Devil
                     = Eye of Saturn
                     = Eye of the Serpent
                     = Eye of the Dragon

Saturn’s Eyes was the eye of the devil plaguing mankind since ancient times.

Scenes from earth captured by the camera were recorded in a disc called Saturn’s Disc. The disc is comprised of circles called Saturn’s Rings. In other words, Saturn’s Disc is a Compact Disc (CD) where everything captured by Saturn’s Eye were stored.

A giant microphone called Saturn’s Hexagon is mounted on the North Pole of the Planet Saturn. The microphone picks up sound signals on earth; and the sound is stored in the Compact Disc.
Planet Saturn is a transmitter and a receiver. It is a television and radio transmitter. Saturn’s Hexagon, which receives voice signals from earth, is as well a radio transmitter. It has been transmitting to the earth throughout the history of the world.

People who were receiving signals from Saturn were called prophets. A prophet was like a radio tuned in to the frequency of the radio signal coming from the planet. The frequency of an individual had to be equal to the frequency of the signal coming from Saturn before he could hear and communicate the message coming from the planet.
Therefore, prophets; like Hosea, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Obadiah, Amos, Joel, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, and Haggai; were natural broadcasters. These prophets were operating in the same frequency with the radio signals coming from Planet Saturn. They were tuned in to the planet, and were communicating the message coming from the planet to the rest of humanity. The planet was broadcasting and only a few could hear the message coming from the radio station built in space.

A very important fact is that the natural human body is in communication with the universe, and no artificial gadget was necessary to aid the communication.

Saturn’s Eye in the South Pole of the Planets Saturn is a camera as well as a television transmitter. It has been transmitting video messages to the earth throughout the history of the world. The video messages were called visions. Anyone tuned in to the frequency of the television signals coming from Planet Saturn could watch scenes of present, past and future events on earth.

The television signals were described as trance or dreams or visions. Those who were receiving T.V signals from Saturn were also called prophets. The Prophet Ezekiel is an example of an individual who received television signals from outer space. Isaiah, Zechariah, and Daniel received television signals from Planet Saturn and wrote down what they saw.

John of Patmos saw the entire length of the movie of the future of the world, beginning from his own time to the end of the world. He wrote down what he saw. What he saw was documented as the last book of the Holy Bible – the Book of Revelation or THE REVELATION TO JOHN.
Over two thousand years history of the world was broadcasted from Planet Saturn to John of Patmos. Prominent in the movie were Europe’s and America’s rise to dominate the whole earth. Europe and America were identified, in Revelation 13:1-18, as the two beasts.

The Two Beast = Europe and the USA

The description of Europe – the first beast – was recorded in Revelation 13:1-8. And the description of the USA – the second beast – was recorded in Revelation 13:11-18.

Another very prominent empire in John’s Tape was the British Empire. John described the British Empire and her influence on Europe and the rest of the world in Revelation 17:1-18.

Daniel also saw the movie describing the entire length of the history of the world. The movie was broadcasted from Planet Saturn, and Daniel didn’t have to own a Television Set or know what a Television meant before he could see the movie. It wasn’t necessary that there should be a source of electric power supply. He received the signal and was tuned in to the Television Broadcasting Station broadcasting from Planet Saturn with his own body.

Daniel kept accurate record of the seven most prominent events summarizing the entire history of the world. The record was the events described in the entire length of Daniel 7.

The seven most prominent global events summarizing the entire history of the earth are:

  • The Coming of Jesus

Daniel saw everything in the movie before they began to play out on earth. This means that everything on earth had already been determined. They have already occurred.

Stephen and other apostles of Jesus Christ kept insisting that Jesus Christ became king even though it was not yet manifested on earth. Though Stephen was murdered for telling the truth about what he saw, it didn’t change what has already occurred.

Jesus Christ is King!