Saturn Resonance Clock

Saturn's Resonance Clock is a universal Time Bomb - the Doom's Day Clock
Robert Hooke, founder of Royal Society, was the first man to trace out the Clock Structure of Planet Saturn. His 1666 diagram of the shadow cast by Planet Saturn was the simplest structure of the gigantic Clock.

The shadow cast by Planet Saturn is a reflection of the resonance hybrid structure of the hexagon (hexagram) at Saturn’s North Pole.
The Resonance Hybrid Structure is the product of two structures:

  • Structure 1

  • Structure 2
At resonance, structure 2 is at a phase difference 90˚ from structure 1.
Structure 1 and Structure 2 are two structures of the same hexagon (hexagram). The hexagon (hexagram) rotates such that structure 2 lags structure 1 by 90˚ and structure 1 leads structure 2 by 90˚. This means that the two structures are at a phase difference of 90˚. Since both structures are structures of the same hexagon (hexagram0, the phase difference can be represented by two different positions of any of the edges of the hexagon (hexagram).

Due to the speed of rotation of the hexagon (hexagram) the edge A is such that it is in two different positions 90˚ apart. The first position is A1, and the second position is A2.
The positions of each of the other five edges of the hexagon (hexagram) are also in duplicates, and the pairs are at phase difference 90˚ respectively.
This means that each of the six edges of the hexagon (hexagram) cast its own shadow or image at a point 90˚ from its real position such that the hexagon (hexagram) is duplicated.

Let the real positions of the six edges of the hexagon (hexagram) be A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, and F1; and the images or shadows of the six edges are A2, B2, C2, D2, E2 and F2. Then the structure of the duplicated rotating hexagon (hexagram) is as follows:

The hexagon (hexagram) and its shadow or image constitutes the twelve units of the Clock. The Clock formed by the resonance structures of the hexagon (hexagram) is called Saturn Clock or Resonance clock.
Saturn or Resonance Clock is the true picture of Time measured on earth through the aid of a Clock. This means that the Clock invented by Robert Hooke was practical Saturn Clock.

The two halves of the Clock are the two structures of the hexagram. Each structure is six units such that the sum of the two structures is equal to the twelve units of the Clock.
Saturn’s hexagram is the resonance structure of the Clock. Like Benzene Resonance Structure, it is a six-sided structure – hexagon. The hexagon rotates such that it casts its own shadow at a point 90˚ from its real position. The shadow is the image of the hexagon such that it appears as though there are two hexagons. This phenomenon is, of course, an optical illusion like a marriage. It is an optical illusion because the shadow is not real.

The shadow or image is darkness or night. This means that the hexagram’s real nature is the Light, but due to its rotation, it forms a shadow which obstructs the Light and casts darkness on the vision of the observer.

Within the darkness are all sorts of delusions; like magic, sorcery, fortune-telling, occultism, astrology, witch-craft, spells, charms, etc. The shadow is the shadow of death, and all who dwell in the shadow re caught up in the shadow of death. 

In reality, the Light of the sun doesn’t go out. Darkness or night is a delusion caused by the rotation of the earth. The earth rotates such that the earth itself casts a shadow on the vision of the observer, obstructing the light, such that the observer sees darkness – shadow – instead of light.

Therefore night time is the manifestation of the dark shadow within the rotating hexagon. This means that structure 2 is darkness and structure 1 is the light. Structure 1 is darkness like mankind was initially in the darkness. And structure 2 is the Light like mankind moved from darkness to light.
To demonstrate the dark nature of structure 1, its edges are represented by six odd numbers. The six odd numbers are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. To demonstrate the Light, the six edges of structure 2 are represented by six even numbers. The six even numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.

Although Time is light, darkness is a shadow evenly distributed within Time.  Darkness, which is night, is the odd number, a delusion made possible by moving objects.