Saturn's Hexagram is Christ

The Golden Saturn’s Hexagon (Hexagon) in the North Pole of Planet Saturn is Christ – the Light. The appearance of the golden hexagon implies Christ the Light – coming in glory.
The glory is represented by Saturn’s ring; the hexagon is Christ, and the ring is the circle representing the Final Judgment.

“The final judgment can be compared to a circle” (2 ESDRAS 5:42)

Final judgment = Ring
                          = Circle

Christ’s coming in his glory also means that Christ is coming to judge; and the ring (circle) round the hexagon represents the judgment. The judgment is to explain in details everything.

The six sides of the hexagon are six wings. The wings are invisible here because the wings are in flight. They are in flight like the propeller of a helicopter such that the blades of the propeller are invisible.

It is like the rotating blades of a fan. When the fan is rotating at a high speed, it is impossible to locate the position of each of the blade of the fan. Since we cannot locate the position of the blade, the rotating fan is drawn without indicating the fixed position or specific outline of the blade. This explains why the hexagram was a hexagon without the six wings.

The hexagram is the Trinity, and there is only one Trinity. Like the Son is the image of the Father, so the Trinity has an image. Moving from the future to the past, the New Testament is the Blessed Trinity, and its image is the Old Testament.


Since YHWH’ is the product of intersection between the Old Testament and the New Testament, the common area of intersection – the Hexagram – is the Holy Bible. This means that Saturn’s Hexagram is the Holy Bible. The Hexagram turns from blue to yellow because the Word of God recorded in the Holy Bible is now glowing as a light. Christ is the light, which means that the Word of God recorded in the Holy Bible is Christ.

Christ is the Light that appeared as a bright light in the East at the time of the birth of Jesus.