The New Jerusalem

Saturn’s hexagram is the New Jerusalem, the Holy City of God. This means that the North Pole of planet Saturn is the place called Paradise or Heaven – the destination or abode of the souls of the righteous.

The flaming creature is formed by the intersection of two right-angled triangles:

Each of the two right-angled triangles is the Blessed Trinity in its perfect state such that the flaming creature was formed by the fusion of the two triangles, each representing the Blessed Trinity.

When the right angled-triangle is the Blessed Trinity, it is in the perfect state – 777. When the two right angled triangles in their perfect states intersect, the resulting hexagram is the bright star – Christ.

The two triangles are the two testaments of the Holy Bible; and Christ, the bright light or bright star formed from the intersection of the two triangles, is the Holy bible. In other words, Christ is the glowing Word of God. The Word of God is the Holy Bible.
Being a right-angled triangle means that the Trinity triangle is made up of three sides:

  • Hypotenuse
  • Opposite
  • Adjacent

The Hypotenuse is the side opposite the right angle - 90˚. The angles facing the opposite and adjacent sides are 45˚ each, thus differentiating them from the crucial right angle.

When the hypotenuses of the two Trinity triangles overlap, the product is the square.
The hypotenuse of triangle YHE is line YE.
The hypotenuse of triangle WH’A is the line WA.

The square is formed when the line YE of triangle YHE unites with the line WA of triangle WH’A. When the two vowels E and A are removed respectively, the single line formed is line YW.

Therefore, the square formed is YHWH’, pronounced as YAHWEH’. The prophet Ezekiel saw the square YHWH’ , and described the four letters at the four angles of the square as Four Living Creatures.

“I saw what looked like four living creatures” (Ezekiel 1:5)

Four Living Creatures:
Y = Living Creature
H = Living Creature
W = Living Creature
H’ = Living Creature

The truth is that there is only one real living creature H. H’ is the image of the living creature H. This means that H’ is a virtual image in a mirror.

The mirror is the hypotenuse - line YW, which means that the Living Creature H is standing in front of the mirror YW and its image H’ is reflected by the mirror.

Therefore, what prophet Ezekiel described as four living creatures is only one living creature. The one living creature is the one hexagon (hexagram) in Saturn’s North Pole. The one living creature is the one God – Christ.

H is the true and original thing located in Saturn’s North Pole, and H’ is the earthly version or the shadow of the true thing.

H  = Paradise = Heaven = Saturn’s Hexagon (Hexagram)
H’ = Earth

This means that worship on earth is a reflection of the real thing in heaven. Life on earth is a mirage. What is permanent is life in paradise (heaven). That is why heaven or paradise is called the eternal home of the righteous. Those on earth who are numbered among the righteous have a permanent home in planet Saturn when their days on earth are over.

“I also saw those who had won the victory over the beast and its image and over the one whose name is represented by a number” (Revelation 15:2)

The righteous = those who had won the victory

H, Christ, is the home of the righteous. The mirror YW is a glass. Therefore, H standing in front of the mirror YW is the sum of the souls of the righteous standing by the sea of glass.

“They were standing by the sea of glass” (Revelation 15:2)

They = H
         = Christ
         = Sum of the souls of the righteous
         = Saturn’s Hexagram

Sea of Glass = YW
                     = Mirror
                     = Saturn’s Ring

So, what is happening in Saturn’s North Pole is the gathering of angels. The angels are gathered, celebrating with the Blessed Trinity.

Holding harps that God had given them” (Revelation 15:2)

Harp = the Trinity Triangle

The Harp is the Holy Bible or the Word of God. Holding harps means holding copies of the Holy Bible. So, the Trinity is used to substitute the Holy Bible, and the Trinity triangle is shaped like a harp so that the reading of the Holy Bible is the playing of the harp.

No one could play the harp like David. The Psalms of David are beautiful tunes of the harp – the Holy Bible. Small wonder David was said to be very skillful in playing the harp.

The Holy Bible is made of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is called ‘the Song of Moses’. It is called ‘the Song of Moses’ because the Old Testament is also called ‘Moses’ or ‘The Book of Moses’ or ‘The Law’. The song of the Lamb is the New Testament. The New Testament is the teaching of Christ – the Lamb of God.

“And singing the song of Moses, the servant of God, and the song of the lamb” (Revelation 15:3)

Singing the song of Moses: Reading or studying the Old Testament
The Song of Moses = the Old Testament
                                = the Book of Moses
                                = Moses
                                = the Law

The Song of the Lamb = the New Testament
                                     = Christ

This means that the righteous were studying and reading the Word of God documented as the Holy Bible.