Saturn's Ring System is a Compact Disc

A record of everything that ever happened on earth was stored up in Saturn’s Disc. God is out to replay the entire length of the movie. The earth is at Judgment Day.

Planet Saturn is a whole giant Media House. It has a transmitter, a receiver, camera, speaker, microphone, lighting system and a tape. The tape is the scroll rolled up into what is called Saturn’s rings. The rings are rolled up tapes containing a length of movie equal to the entire history of man on earth.

Saturn’s Disc is the scroll in the right hand of God who sits on the throne:

“I saw a scroll in the right hand of the one who sits on the throne” (Revelation 5:1)

A scroll = Saturn’s Rings
              = Saturn Disc
              = Compact Disc (CD)

Life on earth had been a movie scene recorded in Saturn’s Tape. The long tape is a Compact Disc containing the entire history of man on earth. The disc can only be played when light is focused on it.

Recently, the North Pole of Saturn began to glow, which means that the light is now focused on the Compact Disc. The movie is now playing.
The Holy Bible is the movie script, the earth is the movie scene, Saturn’s Disc is the movie tape, humans are the actors, and God is the movie producer and director.

God is the ‘Big Brother’ whose eye (camera) and ear (microphone) are mounted in the sky above. His mouth is the speaker in this ‘Big Brother’ House called earth. What was regarded as life on earth had been a reality show. It is a game – a reality game.

God is the great Alchemy in this reality game. He innovates the future; turning worthless things from past episodes into valuable things in the next chapter. He is the great director who manipulated all humans to achieve His desired result.

No one could escape his power. The most powerful men on earth are worthless before him. He could get them to do what he wants.

Men, who are the actors in this reality show, love this movie. They love it because it gives them the impression that they were at liberty to do whatever they want.