The Covenant Box

The Covenant Box is the Word of God built in Time. It is two different histories of the people of God unified by Time.

The first history of the people of God was the history of Judaism recorded s the Old Testament. The second history was the history of the church recorded as the New Testament.

Judaism = First history of the people of God
Christianity = Second history of the people of God

This means that the Covenant Box is made up of two planes united by Time. The two planes are two squares. The first square is Judaism, and the second square is Christianity. Judaism and Christianity are represented by the Old Testament and the New Testament, respectively, in the Word of God.
First Plane = Square
                  = Judaism
                  = Old Testament

Second Plane = Square
                       = Christianity
                       = New Testament

H = height
    = Time
    = History of God’s People

Therefore the Covenant Box is the history of God’s people from Genesis to Revelation.

In this history, the Old Testament is two dimensional:

  • First Dimension = the Law (Moses) = Length
  • Second dimension = the Prophet (Elijah) = Breadth

The Length and the Breadth are equal such that the magnitude of Moses is equal to the magnitude of Elijah. Moses is the sum of all the worship activities in Judaism, and Elijah is the sum of the prophecies of the prophets. In other words, Elijah (or the prophet) is the sum of all the prophets.

The New Testament is also in two dimensions:
First Dimension = Peter (the Catholic Church) = Length
Second Dimension = John (Eastern Orthodox Church) = breadth

Peter was the Church in the West, and John was the Church in the East. The Church in the west was the church in Rome, while the Church in the East was the Church in Constantinople. The sum of the two Churches is equal to the one church – the Universal Church.

Universal Church = East + West
                             = Constantinople + Rome
                             = Eastern Orthodox Church + Catholic Church

Therefore, the Covenant Box is the Church and the Synagogue united by Time.
Christ entered into Time, and made Time his body. As Time, he united all God’s children from the beginning of the world to the end of the world.

How Christ united the Church and the Synagogue was demonstrated by the ministry of Apostle Paul. Paul was the Temple of Divine Wisdom. Divine Wisdom in Paul was the bridge between Jerusalem and Rome.