The Day of the Son of Man

“As the lightning flashes across the sky and lights it up from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in his day.” (Luke 17:24)

From the diagram above,

Venus (2) = Christ
                = Holy Wisdom
                = Morning Star and Evening Star
                = the Beginning and the end of Wisdom

Morning Star = the Beginning of Wisdom
                      = Genesis

Evening Star = the End of Wisdom
                      = Revelation


Venus = the two Testaments
           = 2
           = the Second Planet

2 = Old Testament and New Testament

Old Testament = Genesis
                        = Morning Star
                        = Saturn

New Testament = Revelation
                          = Evening Star
                          = Jupiter

Holy Wisdom (Venus) is Earth and Sky (Heaven). Her wisdom is stored in the sky as the stars, planets, moon, sun, and all the heavenly bodies; and on earth it is stored in the history of God’s people.

The mysterious woman described in Revelation 12:1-18 is Hagia Sophia - the Queen of wisdom. She is bright in the sky as Planet Venus.

“Then a great and mysterious sight appeared in the sky. There was a woman, whose dress was the sun and who had the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.” (Revelation 12:1)

A great and mysterious sight: Venus
Woman = Holy Wisdom
Whose Dress was the Sun: She was the brightest Star in the Sky
Who had the moon under her feet - Venus is a planet, the moon is a satellite; therefore, the moon (satellite) is inferior to Venus (planet)
A Crown of twelve stars on her head: Time (the Clock) was the crown of the wisdom of God.

Each of the 12 units of the Clock is equal to the star Jupiter (5). Since the magnitude of Jupiter is 5, the magnitude of the Crown is 12 × 5 = 60. 60 here mean 60 Minutes (Meters), which is equal to 1 Hour.

“The angel also measured the wall, and it was sixty metres high” (Revelation 21:17)

Sixty metres high: a Circle (glory) or 60 minutes or a Clock

The Wall: Time, represented by the Clock, is the wall

An hour is when the minute hand of time completes a circle. The circle is Glory – the Crown of Holy Wisdom. Therefore the crown of twelve stars is made up of 12 × 5 sub-units of the Clock. 

5 = Jupiter
  = John
  = the Orthodox Church

12 = the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ
     = the Apostolic Church

× = and


12 × 5 = the Apostolic Church and the Orthodox Church

As the beginning, Holy Wisdom is Sarah (Fatima), the mother of Isaac; and as the end, she is Mary (Fatima), the mother of Jesus.

Morning Star = Fatima (Sarah)
                      = Genesis
                      = the Beginning

Evening Star = Fatima (Mary)
                      = Revelation
                      = the End


Venus = Fatima
           = Morning and Evening Star

Sarah was very old; therefore she is Judaism, the ancient (old) religion. Judaism (Sarah) was the religion God promised a Son – the Messiah. Judaism has waited for her Messiah for too long; hence she is said to be without hope of ever giving birth to her Messiah. To some, there is no hope of the coming of the Messiah of the Jewish people. The Messiah is Isaac (Issah), the Son of Abraham (Ibrahim) and Sarah (Fatima).

Mary is the Church. Since Mary is about chastity, the through identity of Mary is the Catholic Church. Catholic Clergy do not engage in sexual activities. The sisters, the brothers and the priests do not engage in sexual activities. They are virgins.

“They are the men who have kept themselves pure by not having sexual relations with women; they are virgins’ (Revelation 14:4)

They are virgins: in heaven, there are virgins.
Each virgin has the mark of God. The mark of God is number 7. Therefore, 7 and virgin = 7 Virgins
7 and Virgin = 7 × Virgin (And = ×)
                     = 7 Virgins

The virgin image of the Catholic Church originated from Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. Therefore the Catholic Church is Virgin Mary; and the image of Virgin Mary manifests as the sum of all the Rev. Sister.

Mary, the Catholic Church, was the virgin God promised would give birth to a Son – the Saviour.

Contrary to Judaism (Sarah) the Catholic Church was very young. She wasn’t expecting to give birth so early. In fact, the Church is a virgin. The Saviour that is to emerge from the Catholic Church is Jesus, the Son of God.

This means that the Morning Star is Judaism and the Evening Star is the Catholic Church.

Morning Star = Judaism (East)
                      = Genesis
                      = the Beginning
                      = Sarah (Fatima)

Evening Star = Catholic Church (West)
                      = Revelation
                      = the End
                      = Mary (Fatima)

In other words, Venus (Fatima) has two faces: the face of Sarah and the face of Mary. And Christ (the Son) has two faces: the face of Isaac and the face of Jesus. Therefore Christ is the savior of the Jews and the Gentiles.

Two faces of Christ: Saturn and Mars
Saturn (6) = the Hexagram
                 = Jerusalem
                 = Synagogue
                 = East

Mars (4) = the Cross
                = Vatican
                = Catholic
                = West

West = the Western Word
East = the Middle East

Jupiter (5) is the planet between Saturn (6) and Mars (4). After the end of the Old Testament, in the beginning of the New Testament, was John. John was the Son of the Orthodox Church – Constantinople. John (Constantinople) stood between the East (Middle East) and the West (the Western World) like the ministry of John the Baptist was the intermediate between the end of Judaism and the beginning of Christianity.

Constantinople (in present day Turkey) is the boundary between the East and the West. The East is the Middle East; the West is Europe. This means that Constantinople (now Turkey) is the boundary between the Middle East and Europe.

Therefore, the Church in Constantinople, also called the Eastern Orthodox Church, is Elizabeth – the mother of John. This means that the Eastern Orthodox Church was also going to give birth to a Son. The Son is John was the prophet named John.

Elizabeth was older than Mary like the Eastern Orthodox Church was older than the Catholic Church. Elizabeth, the Eastern Orthodox Church, was old; but not as old as Sarah (Judaism). Because the Eastern Orthodox Church was old, no one was expecting that the Church was capable of giving birth to a Son. The Son the Eastern Orthodox Church gave birth to John who would prepare the way for the Son of the Son of the Catholic Church. A very important aspect of the birth of the Son of the Eastern Orthodox Church is that it wipes away shame from the face of the old Church.

Elizabeth, the Eastern Orthodox Church, is Jupiter.

Jupiter (5) = Pentagram
                  = Constantinople
                  = Eastern Orthodox Church
                  = East-West

East-West means that the Eastern Orthodox Church is the intermediate fitting accurately into the shoes of Venus. Saturn (East) is one face of Venus, and Mars (West) is the other face of Venus. Only Jupiter (East-West) has the two faces of Venus. This is why Jupiter, the Eastern Orthodox Church, is Holy Wisdom – Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia = Holy Wisdom
                       = Eastern Orthodox Church
                       = Elizabeth
                       = Venus (2)
                       = Morning Star and Evening Star
                       = Judaism and the Catholic Church

On one side Elizabeth is Virgin Mary; on the other side, she is Sarah.

Therefore, the Eastern Orthodox Church is the bridge between Judaism and the Catholic Church like John’s Water Baptism was the transition from Judaism to Christianity.

John was about water, which means that John’s Baptism was Noah’s Flood. The disciples of John were the Sons of Noah and their families who entered into the boat. John’s boat is the Pentagon (5).

In the days before the flood people ate and drank, men and women married, up to the very day Noah went into the boat” (Matthew 24:38)

Noah is John:
2 = Venus
  = Saturn + Mars
  = 6 + 4
  = 10
  = 5; 5
  = John; Noah
  = New Testament; Old Testament
Noah is the image of John, and John is the image of Noah. This means that the Eastern Orthodox Church is Noah who, like John, went out to warn the people of the earth to repent of their sin.

John’s (Noah’s) apocalyptic prophecy, recorded as The Book of Revelation of the Holy Bible, is a flood that swept across the entire history of the world, destroying every unbeliever.