Father Time

Father Time is God the Father Almighty. His throne, built on the universe, is united with life on earth through the circle of Time. God the Father is called Father Time because he is Time and the author of Time. Time does not change. Change is about the things that are contained in Time.

The nature of God the Father is associated with where God is worshiped. God went into fellowship with his children who are called the Living. The children were all those gathered where God was worshiped throughout the history of the world.

God the Father Almighty was in fellowship with his children who became sons and daughters through his son Jesus Christ. They were called the children of God because they were the somatic cells in the body of the son of God.

Since the Son is the exact replica of the Father; the children, who are in the Son, are like God the Father. They were the ones created by God; hence they were said to be created in the image and likeness of God.

Though the children of God were created by the Word of God in the beginning, they were meant to undergo a compulsory process of evolution. Their evolution was a refining process that spanned the entire length of history.  History is a product of the repeating circle of Time; and Time manifested physically as the Clock.

God the Father sat on His throne in the beginning, determined to accompany his people from the beginning of Time to the end of Time. The circle of Time is divided into twelve units; and the beginning and the end of Time is at the twelfth unit.

God the Father sitting alone on His throne in the beginning manifested as the Orthodox Church. When He was about to accompany His people into the future, He created His Son. The Son He created was the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church emerged from the Orthodox Church like the Son came from the Father. The Son was determined to travel round the circle of Time; and the Alarm Clock was set to alert the universe when this journey was complete.

The Alarm Clock operates on the principle of Resonance and the Tuning Fork. The Tuning Fork is the Holy Bible. The Alarm Clock rang vigorously at the end of Time when the Son has completed his journey round the Clock. His journey round the Clock was a journey round the history of the earth.

The Catholic Church came from the Orthodox Church, entered into the history of the earth, and began to evolve. The evolution of the Church was about reasoning. The Catholic Church was caught up in the midst of series of desperate powers during her journey round the Clock; and she had to escape through the superior influence of reasoning.

When the set time was complete, reasoning informs the Catholic Church to go back where she started; and Pope Francis of the Catholic Church went and sat at the right hand of Pope Bartholomew I of the Orthodox Church. Pope Francis seated at the right hand of Pope Bartholomew I fulfills on earth how Jesus – the Son – sat down on the right hand of God the Father in Heaven.

This proves that the Church has reached the state of maturity or perfection. It was about learning. The Church was learning practically and theoretically. Practically, the people of God were confronted by real enemies and many of them were killed in the process. Although they were the only ones on the right path to the liberation of mankind, they were murdered and attacked by the ignorant.

It is important to note that two Fathers sat on the throne at the end of Time. The first Father – Pope Bartholomew I – is the beginning, and the second Father – Pope Francis – is the end. Between the two men is the Spirit of God the Father. Pope Bartholomew I is Father Noah; Pope Francis is Father Abraham.

The Orthodox Church was the Natural Frequency:

Natural Frequency = Orthodox Church    
                               = Father
                               = Bartholomew I

The Catholic Church had an initial frequency (less than the frequency of the Orthodox Church) immediately she came out of the Orthodox Church.The Frequency of the Catholic Church increase - as the Church traveled round the circle of Time – until it attained the maximum frequency. The Maximum Frequency is the Amplitude of the Catholic Church; and the Amplitude of the Catholic Church is equal to the Natural Frequency of the Orthodox Church.

The Phenomenon whereby the Frequency of the Catholic Church is equal to the Natural Frequency of the Orthodox Church is called Resonance. Resonance here is when the Catholic Church begins to resonate with the Orthodox Church.

Resonance activity between the two Churches is undetectable without the aid of the Tuning Fork. The Tuning Fork is the Holy Bible. A Loud Noise is heard when the Tuning Fork is brought close to the resonating medium. This means that a Loud Shout is heard when the Holy Bible is brought close to the phenomenon.