Living Creature

A Living Creature is the body of all God’s Creatures. It is everything that has the breath of life or is created by Divine Information – the Holy Wisdom of God. Divine Information is the LORD; and the LORD is God.

All who were separated from the rest of humanity through faith in Jesus are called the Living. They are called the Living because God lives in their hearts. They were taught about God, and they understood what they were taught.

God lives in the hearts of men through understanding like physics lives in the heart of a student when the student understands the subject. But unlike physics, Divine Information is living, active, potent, and all powerful.

To convey Divine Information into the hearts of men, the message is represented by familiar letters, words, and symbols. The message is crafted after how men were taught in school. Anyone familiar with Trigonometry, Planes Shapes, Arithmetic, Philosophy and Logic, won’t find it difficult absorbing Divine Information into his heart.

This approach to teaching about God does not only bring mankind face to face with God, but also allows God to live in man. Perfect understanding of the nature of God means that God is living in man.

God is invisible like the subjects we study in school are invisible. As the subjects occupy our memory, so God lives in our memory. God is in us when God lives in our memory; and we are dead when God is not in our memory.

The Prophet Isaiah saw God in the midst of the stars in space, and he described the stars as Flaming Creatures.

Stars = Flaming Creatures

What this means is that Prophet Isaiah professed that the majesty of God is in the midst of all the stars in space. When one looks up into the night sky, everything he sees is the magnificence and the majesty of God. Having this kind of information in our memory is how God lives in us.

Our memory is our mind, and our mind is our heart. Therefore, instead of saying God lives in our memory, we say God lives in our hearts or God lives in us.

Like the heart pumps blood to all parts of the body, so Divine Information is distributed to all parts of the body; and through the distribution, our whole being is Divine Information.

Divine Information = the LORD

Since our whole being is Divine Information, our whole being is the LORD. The LORD is eternity; therefore, we live in eternity through the LORD living in us.

Seeking to understand the teachings of God is what is meant to be willing. If we do not have the interest to learn or study the things of God, we can never understand them. And if we don’t understand them, they can never be in our memory. We give our will to God when we submit ourselves to be taught about God.

Opening one up to knowing about God doesn’t necessarily require talking; it is about innate interest, inner zeal, and actions. We must first believe that we are learning the truth. Any action following this first step is what is called work. It is only through faith and work we could get God into our hearts.

The Prophet Ezekiel preferred the term ‘Living Creature’ in his description of the majesty of God. His description was the Cross dividing a square into four triangles (or four squares). Each triangle is the Blessed Trinity – the Living Spirit of God.

All who believe in the Blessed Trinity or understand the principle of the Blessed Trinity are living beings brought to God through faith in the Blessed Trinity.

The four triangles or four squares are the Four Corners of the World corresponding to the Four Cardinal Points. Senators known as Cardinals were sent from the Four Cardinal Points to represent the people of God from all corners of the world in the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God is the square formed by the four triangles or the four squares. The four triangles unite to form what the Prophet Ezekiel described as a square – Saint Peter’s Square. While the four squares unite to form what John described, in The Revelation to John, as a perfect square. The perfect square is the Cross.

Therefore, all who are united round Saint Peter’s Square or the Cross are the Living. And the square is the Living Creature housing all the Living.