Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark was a wooden boat built to house and to protect God’s people from the flood that was coming to destroy the whole earth. The wooden Ark was the wooden Throne Room of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Noah was John, and the Eastern Orthodox Church is the Church of John. John went out baptizing at the River Jordan. The water of his baptism emerged as a flood that swept across the history of the earth. The water which he used to wash off the sins of the people flowed through history destroying all those who didn’t believe.

Destruction here does not imply physical destruction as it is interpreted on earth; destruction means the defeat of ignorance. Men thought they were wise enough to define a path parallel to God’s path. While they were traveling through the path they defined for themselves, God was frustrating their plans and guiding those he chose.

The Word of God documented in the Holy Bible manifested as a flood of Divine Information – the Information that deluded the wicked.

History was simply the repeating circle of Time. Time is measured by the Clock; therefore, the Clock is used to demonstrate how the people of God traveled round history.

The Clock is a circle made up of two halves. The first half is John (Noah) – the Eastern Orthodox Church; the second half is Jesus (Abraham) – the Catholic John. Each half is made up of six units such that the full circle of Time is divided into 12 units. The 12 units are the 12 Apostles of the Lamb.

The first 12 Hours of Time – from 6.00PM to 6.00AM – is the Night. The Night is the Old Testament or the 12 Tribes of Israel. The second 12 Hours of Time – from 6.00AM to 6.00PM – is the Day. The Day is the New Testament or the 12 Apostles of the Lamb.

The most prominent light at Night is the Moon. The Moon represents the Law – the Law of Moses. God deliberately created the Law – the Moon – to rule the Night.  But the light of the Moon was not generated by the Moon; the light of the Moon was a reflection from the Sun. In other words, the Law – the Moon – was a product of another light – the Sun.

The Sun is Christ, the ruler of the Day. Christ – the Light – is Time, and Time manifested as the Clock. The 12 units of the Clock are the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ. Since Time (the Clock) is the Sun – the Light, the thrones of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ are built in the Sun.

We know that the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ constitute the Church. In other words, the Sun – the Light – is manifested on the surface of the earth as the Church. The Church is body of Christ; therefore, Christ – the Sun – shines down on the earth.

The Sun is the source of energy, light and life on earth. Life on earth is impossible without the Sun. All living things depend directly or indirectly on the Sun for life and energy. This explains how Christ is the source of life and sustenance on earth.

The Law was the Light Christ gave to Moses like the light of the Moon was a reflection from the Sun. This means that Christ – the Light (the Sun) – was the Lord who gave light (the Law) to Moses in the wilderness.

Although Night and Day (or the Law and Christ) are two complete circles round Time, Time itself is a single circle represented by the Clock. The 12 units of the Clock are the 12 Apostles, not the 12 Tribes.

There is no such thing as two consecutive circles of Night and Day; there is only one circle. And the one circle is the Day. The other circle called the Night is the shadow cast by the circle of the Day. The shadow is the 12 Tribes of Israel.

The Old Testament was the shadow – the Night. The New Testament is the real thing – the Day. The Night manifested in the history of the earth until John, and it was documented as the Old Testament. The Day manifested in history as the Church, and it was documented as the New Testament.

What we know as the Clock (or Time) is a rotating hexagon. The hexagon is a six-sided polygon. The hexagon rotates such that its shadow is cast 90˚ ahead. The shadow cast by the hexagon appears as a second hexagon such that the duo is interpreted as a circle made up of 12 units. The 12 unit circle formed by the rotating hexagon and its shadow is the Clock.

This means that although the hexagon is the Light, it has the characteristics of both Light (Day) and Darkness (Night).

Darkness = Shadow
                   = Night

The shadow (Night or Darkness) is the interpretation of the Hexagram (Hexagon) as a symbol of magic, sorcery, the occult and the Devil. Those interpreting the Hexagon (Hexagram) this way belong to the Night (the Darkness). Since the Law – the Moon – rules the Night, they are meant to be governed by the Law. The Law is the Law of Moses; the curses, the punishments, and the disasters prescribed by the Law were invoked against all those that were under the Law. They were under judgment; and were meant to be punished whenever they violate the provisions of the Law.

Those that understood the Hexagon (Hexagram) as the Light are in Christ. Christ – the Light – is about forgiveness, love and peace. Therefore, these ones have escaped from punishment to safety. They have escaped the curses, punishments and disasters prescribed by the Law. They are in the real thing; they have escaped from the Darkness into the Light through the appearing of Christ Jesus. They were those who entered into the boat. Now they have come to the shore.