Resurrection of the Dead

The resurrection from the dead is the awakening of mankind to the knowledge of God. The human heart (or mind) is the Temple of the knowledge of God; the knowledge of God is the Spirit of God.
This means that the knowledge of God is Divine Information. Having the right and the complete information about God is what is meant to be living with God.

The key word here is ‘understands’. An individual may own the Holy Bible but still lack the Spirit of God. The way to inviting God into our hearts is to be curious about the knowledge of Him. It is like wanting to understand a subject like mathematics or physics or biology or chemistry or any other subject. Mastering of these subjects is what is meant by the subjects are living in us.

Like the theories and principles of a subject like Chemistry were developed over Time, so the knowledge of God was meant to be revealed gradually to mankind. Throughout the centuries, the lives of certain individuals were devoted to studying and developing the theory of God. An example of such individual was Saint Thomas Aquinas.

While Scientists and Philosophers were busy studying the physical universe, men like Saint Thomas Aquinas were studying the more complicated and sophisticated universe in us. They concentrated on the inner universe because it is from there the outer world was created.

From the works of the researchers of the Church we now understand that it is futile to measure the universe in length or breadth or width. The universe is a circle – the circle of Time depicted by the Clock. The Clock is the instrument used for measuring Time. In fact, the Clock is the physical manifestation of Time.

The universe is about life-cycles. The moons, the planets, the stars, the comets, are various degrees of circles in space. There are life-cycles of plants, animals, and other living things. There are Nitrogen cycle and water cycle. There are cycles of metabolic pathways. The single definition of all these cycles is the circle called Time. Time is what unites everything in the universe.

Man is central to everything in the universe. When man deteriorates, the whole universe deteriorates. What keeps man (and the whole universe) alive is the knowledge of God.

Death is the absence of the knowledge of God.

All men fell down dead when humanity abandoned the pursuit of the authentic wisdom of God. They ate, they drank, they married, but they were dead. They were like walking corpses. They were Zombies. The entry of the Wisdom of God into the heart of man is what is meant by the resurrection from the dead.

The Wisdom of God here is not a new set of doctrines, practices or belief; it is the same wisdom that existed in the beginning. Since the beginning of Time (the Clock) is the end of Time (the Clock), we are at where it all began. We have traveled round the cycle of Time, and we have arrived where we started.

It is the Time for us to humble ourselves and pay attention to what God is saying. It is Time to listen and understand.

God’s wisdom is God’s breath of life. It is available to man as Divine Information; and the information has been sent out to every corner of the world.

The information sent out is the Blessed Trinity. The Blessed Trinity is the breath of life – depicted by a right-angled triangle. Four right-angled triangles are use to substitute the Four Living Creatures; and the Four Living Creatures are the four corners of the world.

Therefore, deploying the Four Living Creatures to the Four Corners of the world implies sending the information about the Wisdom of God to the four cardinal points. This information will enter into the hearts of men wherever they are on earth and they will come back to life.

Unlike in the past when humans took the Holy Bible from one part of the earth to another, this information is traveling through the air; hence the Four Living Creatures are called the Four Winds.

Four Winds = Four Living Creatures
                    = Four Right-angled Triangles

The breath of life is coming into the hearts of men through electronics such as cell phones, I-pads, Laptops, etc.

The information that was in the past represented by ancient drawings and writings are now being communicated in a familiar language.

Example: the two wings of an angel are represented by two right-angled triangles.

We are communicating God to mankind in a new and innovating way.