The Big Bang

The Big Bang is the explosion of Time. All things were contained in Time, and the true identity of Time was hidden until it exploded. The explosion of Time is the creation of the universe or the sudden beginning of existence. This sudden existence is the Big Bang.

 Everything had been under creation until now, and they couldn't exist until creation is complete. While they were undergoing creation, they were imperfect and were yearning to come into existence. The Big Bang is the beginning of existence.

We will be explaining Time beginning from the month. The mystery of the nature and position of the month in the universe is hidden in the number of Saturn's Moons.

A Moon    = A Night
31 Moons = 31 Nights
                 = A Month

62 Moons = 31 Moons + 31 Moons
                 = 31 Nights + 31 Nights
                 = Month + Month
                 = 2 Months

Saturn’s Hexagon is a Clock with two halves. The two halves are the North Pole and the South Pole. And the two halves are the two resonance structure of Benzene.

Saturn’s Hexagon = A clock

We know that Saturn’s Hexagon is about the daily twenty four hours period. It is about twenty four hours period because the Clock is typically an hour, and the twenty four hours are twenty four circles round the Clock.

Saturn’s Clock is called resonance Clock.

We have shown that Saturn’s Disc is two copies of a period of a month. The first copy is Heaven, and the second copy is Earth. We understand the nature of the disc through the earthly copy.

There are nine continuous rings in Saturn’s Disc representing the nine planets. Five of the planets constitute the earthly copy of a period of one month, and four of the planets constitute the heavenly month. Mercury, Earth, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the five planets.

The sum of the positions of the five planets is the determinant of where they occupy in time.

Sum of Positions = 1 + 3 + 7 + 8 + 9
                            = 28

A Week = 7 Days
28 = 7 + 7 + 7 + 7
     = Week + Week + Week + Week
     = 4 Weeks
     = Month

A week is a right-angled triangle. And the four weeks are four right-angled triangles. The sum of four right-angled triangles is equal to a square.

A Week = 7
              = Trinity
              = Right-angled Triangle

4 Weeks = 4 Right-angled Triangles
               = A Square
               = A Month

The Month is Square EFGH, which represents the Earth.

The other month is made up of the following four planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Sum of the four planets = 2 + 4 + 5 + 6
                                       = 17

1 = first Day of Creation
   = One God
   = One Holy Bible

7 = the Seventh Day
   = God’s Rest

Therefore, 17 = Heaven

The square of the month 17 is:

Heaven and Earth are equal to the Sum of Month 17 and Month 28.

Heaven = Month 17
Earth     = Month 28

Heaven and Earth = Month 17 + Month 28
                              = 17 + 28
                              = 45

45 = 4 and 5 (and = ×)                 

4 = Mars
   = Square
   = Saint Peter’s Square
   = the Cross
   = the Catholic Church
   = 4 Planets
   = Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn
   = Month 17
   = West
   = Mary
   = Jesus

5 = Jupiter
   = Pentagram
   = Pentagon
   = Constantine Cross
   = the Orthodox Church
   = 5 Planets
   = Mercury, Earth, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
   = Month 28
   = East
   = Elizabeth
   = John

4 + 5 = 9
4 Planets + 5 Planets = 9 Planets

45 = Jesus and John
     = Mary and Elizabeth
     = Zechariah and Joseph

45 means there are:

  • 2 Sons
  • 2 mothers
  • 2 Fathers
  • 2 Stars
  • 2 Nations
  • 2 Levels of Existences

45 means two halves of the Time (Clock)

  • First Half = 4
  • Second Half = 5 

Beyond Saturn’s Disc are the 62 Moons. 62 = 31 + 31, 31 = A Month; therefore 62 = 2 Months. Each month is a reflection of the two halves of a year. Since Saturn’s Disc represents the Weeks, and Saturn’s Hexagon represents Time (the Clock) and the Day, Saturn’s Moons represents the third level – the Year.

First Level = Saturn’s Hexagon
                   = Clock and Day

Second Level = Saturn’s Disc
                       = Week and Month

Third Level = Saturn’s Moons
                    = Year

The three levels are equal to the Trinity.

Trinity = First Level, Second Level and Third Level

A year is made up of 12 Months. The 12 Months are two halves: six months and six months. This means that a year is rather a hexagram (hexagon) like the Saturn’s Resonance Clock. Therefore the two halves represented by the 62 Moons (31 Moons + 31 Moons) are six months and six months.

So, the year is also a Resonance Clock like the Month and the Clock. The Resonance Clock is the Hexagram (Hexagon). And the Hexagram is YAHWEH’ – God.

The Sun is a Resonance Clock like the one in Saturn’s North Pole, and the Nine Planet constitute the Resonance Clock like the one formed by the Rings of Planet Saturn. This means that the Planet Saturn is a Day – 24 hours. The rings are equal to 12 Hours, and the Hexagon is equal to 12 Hours.

 24 Hours = 12 Hours + 12 Hours

The Solar System, like Saturn, is equal to a day. The Sun is a clock numbered 1 to 12, and the nine planets are equal to a Clock numbered 1 to 12. Therefore the sum of the Sun and the Planets is equal to 24 hours – a Day.

Every star in space is YAHWEH’ – the Resonance Clock. Therefore, the Galaxies are Resonance Clocks; and the Universe is a gigantic Resonance Clock made up of different levels and degrees of Resonance Clocks.

What is happening in Planet Saturn is a manifestation of the present state of the universe. The Time bomb is about to explode. The Big Bang is about to occur. The atomic Bomb is about to Explode.

The Old Universe has passed away. God is recreating the universe. A new universe with a new people is about to emerge.