The Body of christ

“And the bread we break: when we eat it, we are sharing in the body of Christ”  
(1 Corinthians 10:16)

The East – the Orthodox Church – and the West – the Catholic Church - are the two halves of the body of Christ. They are the two right-angled triangles constituting the hexagram. They are the two testaments constituting the Holy Bible.

There is no better way to demonstrate the body of Christ than the instrument of Time. Time allows all the people who have pleased God over the ages to be brought into one circle. The one circle is the one Glory, and the one glory is Time.

Glory  = Circle of Time
            = Clock

Through Time we could confidently say we exist simultaneously with Apostle Paul, even though history says the Apostle Paul existed on earth over two thousand years ago. We exist simultaneously with the Apostle Paul because we are in communication with him through Christ. Christ is Time and Time is what unites us all.

This means that the body of Christ extends from the beginning to the end of Time. The beginning of Time is the East and the end of Time is the West.

East  = Orthodox Church
West = Catholic Church

Christ began from the East, traveled round the circle of history, and went back to the East were he began. He came from Constantinople, traveled to the Vatican City, and went back to Constantinople. The Journey from Constantinople to the Vatican City is the journey from East to West. This journey fulfills the prophecy that the Son of Man will come from East to West. The Son of Man is the Light, the Light is Christ; therefore, the Son of Man is Christ.

Christ = the Son of Man

Christ also came from East to West when he traveled from Jerusalem to Constantinople. Jerusalem was the East and Constantinople was the West. Jerusalem is Judaism, Constantinople is the Orthodox Church, and the Vatican City is the Catholic Church.

East  = Jerusalem
West = Constantinople

What pleased God is not what is happening in Jerusalem or Constantinople or Rome today. God was pleased by the cultivation and the pursuit of Holy Wisdom at specific time in the history of these places. Men pleased God in Constantinople during the Time of Constantine the Great. Men pleased God during the Time of King Solomon. Men pleased God in the Catholic Church.

Christ also came from East to West when Abraham left Ur in Babylonia for the land of Canaan.

East = Babylonia
West = Canaan

Babylonia was the Garden of Eden, and Christ was with Adam in the Garden until Abraham left that region for the land of Canaan. The Babylonians cultivated and pursued Holy Wisdom until the departure of the Holy Spirit. They were in Adam whom God told to cultivate the Garden. The Garden was the Garden of Wisdom. And the time the Babylonians spent on developing Holy Wisdom through the aid of the Holy Spirit was the time Adam was in the Garden of Eden.

Christ has a characteristic way of moving from place to place. He wasn’t moving across length or breadth or height; he was moving round the Clock. He was moving from generation to generation. He would choose a man, live with him, and use the life of the man to define the characteristics of the next generation. He went to Adam, and Adam’s life characterized the people of the Middle East until Abraham.

The works of all the people that pleased God, from the days of Adam to today, are gathered into the glory of God. The glory – Christ – is a circle. The circle is the circle of Time depicted by the Clock. This means that we are all contained in Christ; we are all in the body of Christ.

Christ – the Son of Man – has been coming; Christ has come. Christ has been coming from East to West. Christ has come from East to West. His light has come tracing the pathway of Christ from East to West.

East and West are the two halves of the Clock. The two halves of the Clock are also two squares or two triangles or two hexagons. The truth is that, there is only one side. The other is its reflection. The real half is heaven and the reflection is earth. Therefore, the two halves are heaven and earth.

This explains how Christ came from heaven to earth and went back to heaven. He was in heaven when Holy Wisdom was being cultivated in Jerusalem in the time of Solomon, then; he came down from heaven to earth when he left Jerusalem. He ascended into heaven when Holy Wisdom was cultivated in Constantinople during the time of Constantine the Great, then; he came down from heaven to earth when he left Constantinople.

His ascension into heaven was always crowned. He was crowned King in Jerusalem and his glory was upon King Solomon, he was crowned King in Constantinople and his glory was upon Constantine the Great, he is crowned King of the universe and his glory is upon the Pope.

Christ was always on the move. His presence brings fortune and protection, his absence brought disasters. Solomon, like Adam, was distracted from the pursuit of Holy Wisdom immediately Christ left. Holy Wisdom was like a wife to Solomon. Solomon’s pursuit of other wisdom alien to Holy Wisdom was described as Solomon getting married to foreign wives.