The Four Living Creatures

The Four Living Creatures are represented mathematically by either four right-angled triangles or four squares in square. What is described as ‘Four Living Creatures’ is a square divided into four parts. This means that the ‘Four Living Creatures’ is a Living Creature.

When the Living Creature – the Square – is divided by an additional Cross into four equal parts, the product is a perfect square. The perfect square is a square made up of four smaller squares; and the addition Cross is a Cross like mathematical addition sign.

We are aware that the Holy Bible is made up of two testaments. The two testaments are equal to 2.

2 = Number of Testaments

The two Testaments are the reflections of two persons: the Father and the Son.

2 = Father and Son

The perfect square is equal to 2².

Perfect Square = 2²
                         = 2 × 2
                         = 4
                         = Square

4 means four equal sides, which is equal to the square.

Jesus – the Son – sat on the right hand side of the Father and it manifested as the New Testament at the right side of the Old Testament.

The relationship between the Father and the Son or the two Testaments on the throne is expressed by a Right Angle. Though the Father and the Son are two equal lines, the Father is represented by a vertical line and the Son by a horizontal line. This means that the Father is the breadth (width) and the Son is the Length.

Father = Breadth (width)
           = Vertical Line
           = Old Testament

Son = Length
       = Horizontal Line
       = New Testament

While the Right Angle represents the direction of the Father and the Son in heaven, its reflection represents the direction of the Father and the Son on earth. Both the Right Angle and its reflection constitute the Square.


2  = Right Angle
4  = 2 (Right Angle)
    = Square

The Square is where all God’s people are gathered; at the center of the Square is the Cross.

The Prophet Ezekiel saw this perfect square, and he described it as four faces of the Living Creature. The Cross was what he described as something shining like bronze in the midst of the Four Living Creatures.

When the addition Cross is rotated at 45˚, the shape of the Cross formed is a multiplication Cross shaped after the multiplication sign. The multiplication Cross could divide the square into four right-angled triangles; and the four right-angled triangles are also Four Living Creatures.

Each of the right-angled triangles is the Blessed Trinity. The Blessed Trinity was manifested on earth as the three sons of Noah that came out of the boat and became ancestors of all people on earth after the flood. The flood is the Word of God or the prophecy of the prophets that destroyed and submerged all the wisdom and works of men on earth. The prophecy swept across the history of the earth, and the only survivors were those that believed in the Blessed Trinity.

The Blessed Trinity is the perfection of God in Noah, and the descendants of the three sons of Noah are the believers in the Blessed Trinity found inhabiting the four corners of the earth. Noah is John, and John is the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Therefore, the Blessed Trinity is constituted by all the churches that descended from the Eastern Orthodox Church. All who were unable to trace their ancestral origin to the Eastern Orthodox Church were destroyed by the flood the flood that swept across the history of the earth.

When we speak of the multiplication Cross, we speak of Noah and his descendants on earth. The flood was John’s Water Baptism. John the Baptist, like Noah, went out warning that God’s wrath was coming upon the whole earth. Those who listened to him and were baptized were his descendants. The Baptism of John was the Baptism in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The addition Cross dividing the Square into four Squares is the product of the intersection of two lines. The first line is the vertical line representing the Father; the second line is the horizontal line representing the Son. This means that the addition Cross is the Bible made up of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament is the Father, and the New Testament is the Son.

The Father manifested on earth as Abraham whose Son was Isaac.

Father = Abraham
Son     = Isaac

Therefore, the Cross is the Promise God made to Abraham and his descendants. The Promise is the Word of God – the Holy Bible. All who are united round the Cross – the Holy Bible – are the descendants of Abraham. They are the ones to inherit the universe through the sacrifice of Isaac.

Isaac came down from heaven as Jesus, and all who believed in him are his children. They are the children of Father Abraham through Isaac. They were gathered from the Four Corners of the Earth by the Good News that went out to the end of the world. They have become the sons and daughters of God through Christ Jesus.

Those who didn’t believe in Jesus were the wicked that were destroyed by the fire that came down from heaven. Christ – Divine Information – is Light to the righteous; but fire to the wicked.

The wicked were the ones condemned to destruction when the Blessed Trinity came down to Abraham. The LORD – Divine Information – sent out Elijah (James and John) to rain down Divine Wisdom on the godless that inhabited Sodom and Gomorrah; and the knowledge of God came down as fire consuming the wicked.

Holy Wisdom was the fire burning with sulphur called hell. It is hell because it is torment to the wicked.

The Four Living Creatures deployed to the Four Cardinal Points constitute Divine Information; therefore, Divine Information is the Four Living Creatures deployed to the four corners of the earth to bring destruction on the wicked.

Divine Information is the LORD – the Judge – seated on His throne to judge the inhabitants of the earth.