The Promised Land

Promised Land = Land flowing with Milk and Honey

Milky Way Galaxy is the entry point into the Promised Land, a land flowing with Milk and Honey. The term 'Flowing with Milk and Honey' means that the land is rich and fertile.

Whoever controls up above controls down below. The wicked are aware of this; hence they invaded the sky, filled it with their idols, and set up their own kingdoms there. The same sky where pagan symbols and idols of the godless are erected is the Promised Land God is determined to give to his people. God has gone ahead of His people to drive out the kingdoms and societies of the wicked from the sky as God’s People advance.

Coming from other planets, the Milky Way is the first Sign Post pointing to the direction of the Promised Land, and showing that one is about to enter the land flowing with Milk and Honey.

Land flowing with Honey = Saturn’s Hexagon
                                           = the Honey Comb
                                           = Flower

Saturn’s Hexagon is the sum of all the hexagons of a Honey Comb; the Honey Comb is a network of hexagons.

Let the number of hexagons in the Honey Comb be N; and the magnitude of each Hexagon be H.


Saturn’s Hexagon is equal to N × H = NH

H = Honey Comb
N = Number of Honey Comb

Each hexagon constituting the Honey Comb is as well a flower. This means that like the Honey Comb is a network of hexagons, it is as well a network of flowers. And Saturn’s Hexagon is one huge flower containing infinite number of flowers.

Nectar used for making Honey is produced by flowers. This means that Saturn’s Hexagon is a honey producing industry. The nectar produced by the flowers is the raw material for the industry; and the honey is the finished product of the industry. The workers in this industry are Honey Bees.

The Hexagram is made up of two triangles; and the two triangles are the two wings of an angel.

The two wings of the angel are two wings of a bee. The bees are angels who are the workers of the huge Honey Producing Industry. Their jobs are to collect nectar from the flowers, convert it to Honey in the Honey Comb, and use the Honey to feed the children of the Queen. The Queen is Holy Wisdom whose children are being nurtured by the angels – the bees.

Therefore, the wind blowing in Saturn’s North Pole is the sound of the wings of busy bees – Angels – who are preparing Honey for the children of God who are about to enter into the Promised Land. The quantity of Honey produced by the angels is so much that the children of God will find it flowing when they enter into the Promised Land.
Saturn’s North Pole is a huge forest of flowering plants. The forest is a Garden – the Garden of God – prepared for the children of God. The Garden is also called the Vineyard of the Lord; and the angels are the workers in the Vineyard of the Lord. In this Garden, the bees – the Angels – will feed the children of God, defend, and protect them. The angels will do all the work there while the children of God are nurtured.

“He will shield them with his powerful arm” (Wisdom of Solomon 5:16)

Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) is the Mother – the Queen Mother. Her children are the children of God. The children of God being fed and nurtured in the Garden of God are the children of the Queen Hagia Sophia. Like the bees take care of the children of the Queen, so the angels take care of the children of Holy Wisdom. She – the Queen – gave birth to the children; and the angels – the bees – take care of them. The angels – the bees – are the workers in the Garden (God’s Vineyard).

God’s children are like infants. Being infants means that they depend on their mother’s milk. Their mother is Hagia Sophia, and her milk is divine knowledge flowing from her to her children. Divine knowledge flowing from the Queen to her children is the milk flowing in the Promised Land.

This means that the Sign Post ‘Milky Way’ pointing to our Galaxy directs all God’s creation to where in the universe is flowing with the knowledge of God.

The children of God, nurtured in this Garden, are the righteous whose names are written down in the Book of Life. The Book of Life is the Holy Bible, and the children of God are recorded in the Holy Bible as those who feared and obeyed the LORD Almighty.

“There was written down in a book a record of those who feared the LORD and respect him” (Malachi 3:16)

A Book: the Holy Bible

A Record: the record and account of those who feared and respected God throughout the history of the Earth was documented in the Holy Bible.