The Whirling Wheels

Every day is the Glory of God made up of twenty four hours. This means that every twenty four hours is a circle, and the circle is the circle of Time (the Clock).

A Day = 24 Hours
            = Circle (Glory)
            = Time (Clock)

Life is a journey – a journey round the Clock. God has been traveling round the Clock. He has been riding a Bicycle round Heaven and Earth. Heaven is the Day – 6.00AM to 6.00PM – and Earth is the Night – 6.00PM to 6.00AM. The Day is 12 Hours, and the Night is 12 Hours.

Heaven = Day
             = 12 Hours
             = 6.00AM to 6.00PM

Earth = Night
          = 12 Hours
          = 6.00PM to 6.00AM

Heaven and Earth are two wheels of a Bicycle. The first wheel is the Day (Heaven) and the second wheel is the Night (the Earth). Night comes before Day; which means that the Day is the Back Wheel and the Night is the Front Wheel.

Front Wheel = Night (the Earth)
Back Wheel = Day (Heaven)

Humans experienced the Night (Earth) before the Day (Heaven) because the Front Wheel is ahead of the Back Wheel.

Each wheel has two Pedals such that there are four Pedals. The four Pedals are four wings of two Angels. The Front Wheel is an Angel with two wings, and the back wheel is an Angel with two wings. The two Angels were the two Cherubim carved into the lid of the Covenant Box.

The First Angel (the Front Wheel) is 12 Hours, and the Second Angel (the Back Wheel) is 12 Hours.

First Angel = Front Wheel
                   = 12 Hours (a Circle round the Clock)
                   = Night
                   = Earth

Second Angel = Back Wheel
                       = 12 Hours (a Circle round the Clock)
                       = Day
                       = Heaven

There is only one Glory (one Angel). The one Glory is the Clock, the Clock is the Day, and the Day is 12 Hours of sunlight. The other 12 hours is the shadow of the Angel (Glory) of the Day. Only Heaven (the Day) is real. Earth is the shadow of Heaven. This explains why there is only one Bicycle with two Wheels. The two Wheels are two trips round the Clock (the Glory).

The twenty four hours are the Twenty Four Thrones of the Twenty Four Elders. The twenty four thrones are made up of the two wheels. Each wheel is 12 hours – 12 Hour Night and 12 Hour Day. Therefore, the sum of the Night and the Day is equal to the 24 Thrones (24 Hours).

We know that Night is the Earth and Day is Heaven. Therefore, the 24 Thrones are God’s Throne set up in Heaven and Earth. The Throne is the Day (12 hours), whose shadow is the Night (12 Hours). Since God’s Throne is in the Day (in Heaven), God’s Throne is built on the 12 Apostles. The shadows of the 12 Apostles are the 12 Tribes.

Night = 12 Tribes
          = Earth

Day = 12 Apostles
        = Heaven

The 12 Tribes appeared first in the history of the earth because they constitute the front wheel of the Bicycle. This means that the Light (the 12 Apostles) was shining from behind and the shadow is cast in front of the Bicycle at 90˚. 90˚ means that while the Angel (the 12 Apostles) stands vertically upright, his shadow (the 12 Tribes) is cast horizontally on the Ground. The ground is the earth; therefore, the 12 Tribes belong to the earth.

All parts of the Angel’s body are above the Earth; only his feet are in contact with the Earth. The shadow is beneath the Angel’s feet; therefore, the shadow (the Earth) is the footstool of the Angel. The Earth is the foot stool because the Earth is the stepping stone of the Angel.

The relationship between the Angel (Heaven) and his shadow (Earth) explains the right- angle structure of the relationship between the Old and the New Testaments. The Old Testament and the New Testament are two perpendicular lines. The Old Testament is the Horizontal Line, the New Testament is the Vertical Line, and the two lines are the two lines of a right angle.

This means that the Old Testament is the Length (the Horizontal Line) and the New Testament is the Breadth (the Vertical Line). The vertical line is the Angel Standing upright and the horizontal line is the shadow of the Angel on the ground (the Earth).

Although the Angel is white, his shadow on the ground (the earth) is black. Those that belong to the earth could only see a Black shadow. The Angel whose true appearance is White, appeared Black on Earth. The Earth is the Twelve Tribes. Therefore, the Angel appeared as a Black Shadow to the Twelve Tribes.

The white Angel, representing Holiness, manifested as a Black Shadow on Earth because the people of the Earth were in the shadow (the darkness). Instead of smiling white Angel, they saw a Black Shadow. This means that the people of the Earth were tormented by the shadow of the Angel. They were tormented because they didn’t seek to enter into heaven so as to be free of the menace of the shadow of the Angel. The Angel is the Holy Spirit and the shadow of the angel is the Evil Spirit.

Although the front wheel and the back wheel of the Bicycle are Night (Earth) and Day (Heaven) respectively, the Bicycle in Heaven is only in the Day. In Heaven, the Front Wheel is John (the Orthodox Church) and the Back Wheel is Jesus (the Catholic Church). Noah (John) was the Father of all people on Earth. While Noah (John) was the Father of all people on Earth, Jesus (Abraham) was the son destined to become the Father of all people in Heaven (the sky). This means that Noah (the Front Wheel) who appeared first was the Father, and Abraham (the Back Wheel) who descended from Noah was the Son. Abraham was a son until he too attained the state of the Father.

Noah (John) and Abraham (Jesus) are in Heaven representing the transition from Night to Day. Heaven is Saturn’s North Pole, Night is the Blue Hexagon in Saturn’s North Pole, and Day is the Golden Hexagon in Saturn’s North Pole. The colour of the Hexagon changed from blue to Gold, implying that the Night (Earth) has transformed to Day (Heaven).

The Hexagon is a six-sided polygon and the manifestation of the Hexagram (YAHWEH’).  The six sides of the Hexagon are equal to one half of the Clock. This means that the Hexagon (Hexagram) is the Day. The first half of the Day – 6.00AM to 12 Noon – is cool; hence it manifested as the blue Saturn’s Hexagon (or Blue Hexagram). The sun is bright and hot during the second half of the Day (12 Noon to 6.00PM); hence it manifested as a golden (glowing) Hexagon (or golden Hexagram).

Blue Hexagon (Hexagram) = Half Day
                                             = 6.00 AM to 12.00 (Noon)
                                             = John (Noah)
                                             = Orthodox Church
                                             = Front Wheel

Golden Hexagon (Hexagram) = Half Day
                                                 = 12.00 (Noon) to 6.00PM
                                                 = Jesus (Abraham)
                                                 = Catholic Church
                                                 = Back Wheel

It is clear from the above explanation that there is only one wheel of the Bicycle in the Day (Heaven). The one wheel is said to be made up of two halves because there are two journeys. The first journey of the wheel – from 6.00AM to Noon – and the second journey – from Noon to 6.00PM – are the two wheels of the Bicycle.

The wheel is the Hexagram (the Hexagon). The Hexagram is made up of two triangles. Each triangle is 777 (the Blessed Trinity) or the Wing of an Angel or the Pedal of a Bicycle. This means that the Hexagram is made up of two wings of an Angel or two Pedals of a Bicycle.

777 = Blessed Trinity
       = Perfection in God

The opposite of 777 is 666. 666 is the height of godlessness. The evolution of man from the height of godlessness to perfection are:

  1. 777 (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit)
  2. 776 (the Father and the Son)
  3. 766 (the Father)
  4. 666 (the Devil)
John’s (Noah’s) feet were on the two wheels of the Bicycle during the first Journey (first half) in the Day, and Jesus’ (Abraham’s) feet were on the two wheels during the second journey (second half) of the Day.  This was how the Father and the Son sat on the throne (the Bicycle) in Heaven riding on their glories.

We know that the Orthodox Church is about the history of people of several generations. We also know that the Catholic Church is about the history of people of many generations. All these people across history are gathered into the two wheels. They were witnesses for God, and their witnessing was called eyes. Therefore, the two wheels are filled with eyes. The eyes inside the wheels are witnessing of those in the first half of the Day. And the eyes outside the wheels are the witnessing of those in the second half of the Day.
They follow God. Where ever God goes, they go. Whenever God stops, they stop. God goes ahead into the future, and they follow him.

First Half of the Day = the Beginning
                                  = the Blue Hexagon (Hexagram)
                                  = the Orthodox Church (East)

Second Half of the Day = the End
                                       = the Golden Hexagon (Hexagram)
                                       = the Catholic Church (West)

These witnesses were the eyes inside and outside the two wheels.

The storm in the South Pole of Planet Saturn is the shadow of the wind blowing in the North Pole. The storm represents Hell. Since the storm in the South Pole is the shadow of the wind blowing in the North Pole, the shadow of the Bicycle is the South Pole.

This means that there are a total of four wheels – two wheels in the North Pole and two wheels (two shadows) in the South Pole. The four wheels are two wheels and two shadows of the wheels.

Each shadow is a period of six hours at Night. The first six hours of the Night represents the front wheel of the shadow of the Bicycle, and the second six hours of the Night represents the back wheel of the shadow of the Bicycle.

The first wheel of the shadow is six hours – from 6.00PM to 12.00 (Midnight); the second wheel of the shadow is six hours – from Midnight to 6.00AM. The two shadows of the two wheels are one shadow of a wheel in two journeys at Night. The one shadow of the wheel is the shadow of Saturn’s Hexagon (the Hexagram).

During the first Journey of the Night, the shadow of Saturn’s Hexagon (the Hexagram) is the Evil Spirit. And the shadow of Saturn’s Hexagon (the Hexagram) is the Devil during the second journey of the Night. This means that the Evil Spirit rules from 6.00PM to 12 Midnight and the Devil rules from 12 Midnight to 6.00AM. It is not that the Evil Spirit is different from the Devil; the truth is, the Evil Spirit is strengthened and transformed to the Devil at Midnight. The transition from blue Hexagon (blue Hexagram) to golden Hexagon (golden Hexagram) translates to the transition of the shadow of the Hexagon (the Hexagram) from the Evil Spirit to the Devil.

Those that belong to the Devil can’t see the Light in Saturn’s Hexagon (the Hexagram). Instead, they see the Devil. Where there is an Angel, they see Evil Spirit; and where there is Christ, they see the Devil.

The shadow of the triangle representing the Blessed Trinity (the pedal of the Bicycle or the wing of an angel) is also cast in the South Pole of the Planet Saturn. Those that belong to the South Pole (the Darkness below) won’t see the triangle as the Blessed Trinity. They will see it as the Devil’s Triangle. Though the triangle is the Blessed Trinity, its shadow is the Demon. Those that are in the Darkness (the South Pole) can only see the Demon (the shadow of the Blessed Trinity). They can’t see the Blessed Trinity.

These ones who are in Darkness (the Night) are the shadows or opposite of those who are in the Light (the Day). They are the other two wheels completing the Four Wheels. They are also witnesses for God. Their witnessing is eyes inside and outside the two wheels. They are the foot stool of God.

Mankind was categorized into two groups – Heaven and Hell. The entire history of Hell is gathered into the Darkness and the history of Heaven is gathered into the Light. The Light (Heaven) is the whirl wind in Saturn’s North Pole; the Darkness (Hell) is the whirl wind in Saturn’s South Pole, and each of them is made up of two wheels. This means that the whirl winds in Saturn’s North Pole and Saturn’s South Pole respectively are the four wheels the Prophet Ezekiel saw beneath the God of Israel. They are the Whirling Wheels. They constitute the one Glory of God - the Whirling Wheel.