Unity of the Father and the Son

“Then the end will come; Christ will overcome all spiritual rulers, authorities, and powers, and will hand over the Kingdom to God the Father.”
(1 Corinthians 15:24)

The unity of the Father and the Son is about how the body of Christ was united with the Father where it came from. The body of Christ is the Catholic Church; and the Father where it came from is the Orthodox Church. Therefore, the unity of the Father and the Son is how the Catholic Church was united with the Orthodox Church at the end of Time.

Father = Orthodox Church
Son     = Catholic Church

Time is a circle depicted by the Clock. ‘12’ on the Clock is the beginning as well as the end of the cycle round the Clock. This means that a throne set up at 12 occupies the beginning and the end of the circle of Time. When the hand of Time begins at 12, 12 is the beginning of Time; when the hand of Time travels round the Clock and ends at 12, 12 is the end of Time.

Jesus entered into the history of the world and began to accompany his people into the future. His throne was built in Time.

God Himself is the circle of Time. His throne was set up at the beginning and the end of Time such that He is the complete circle of Time. As the beginning and the end of Time, He does not experience change in Time. He gave the right to experience change in Time to His Son Jesus.

Jesus is the Son that came from God in the beginning of Time, travel with mankind round the history of the world, and went back to the Father at the end of Time. This means that while God the Father sat on His Throne in heaven, Jesus entered into history, accompanying mankind from the beginning to the end.

The Catholic Church is Jesus – the Son – who came from the Orthodox Church – the Father – and traveled with mankind into the future. The historical evolution of the Catholic Church was how the Catholic Church traveled with mankind into the future. It was about reasoning, and understanding the mystery of God.  The Catholic Church was curious like Peter, and God was satisfying the curiosity of the Church.

Learning and understanding of what became the Catholic Doctrine was how the Church was following Christ as he advanced into the future. That the Catholic Church was accurately following the teachings of Christ was not a matter of choice. Peter was meant to be taken to where he wouldn’t want to go.
When Christ entered into dangerous territories, the Church went with him. The Church went with him because the Church is his body. Wherever the Spirit goes, the body goes.

As Jesus was traveling round the Clock, he was confronted by rulers, powers, authorities, dominions, principalities, and all sorts of names, who had set up their thrones in Time and History. They were called gods, generals, kings, rulers, mighty men, philosophers, astronomers, astrologers, thinkers, etc. They found Jesus a threat to the kingdoms and thrones they have set up in the circle of Time; hence they and their followers began to fight against the Catholic Church as Jesus advanced into the future.

None of the forces that came out to stop Jesus as he traveled into the future knew that the future was the past. Only Jesus knew. His weapon was endurance. His enemies were meant to exhaust their time; then Jesus will inherit everything they were so desperately fighting to protect and preserve.

Jesus was the bread of life that came down from heaven. Those who ate the bread throughout the history of the Catholic Church were in the body of Christ. They were in Jesus; and they were the ones heading into the future to take their throne.

God was determined to give it all to Jesus. Jesus didn’t have to do anything to inherit heaven and earth. All that was required was patience.

The enemies of God knew very well the promise God made to the Church. Their understanding of the highest authority on earth was political authority. But true worship is above politics. True worship is being curious about God. It is about sacrifice. The Catholic Church was curious about God.

The enemies of God stripped the Church off its superior political influence, and placed themselves above the Church. They placed the Church under the service of political authorities, and made themselves gods on earth.

At the end of Time, through the Divine Wisdom of God, the Catholic Church went back to the beginning where it all began. Pope Francis of the Catholic Church went to sit at the right hand of Pope Bartholomew I of the Eastern Orthodox Church, demonstrating on earth how Jesus ascended to sit at the right hand of the Father.