Jesus Overcomes the Devil

The eye at the top of the pyramid is the web of secret spy network monitoring the lives of all the people on earth. It is the eye of the beast or Lucifer deployed to all corners of the earth to bring accusations and punishment against all men.

The beast here is Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar earned the name ‘the beast’ when God gave him the mind of an animal and sent him into the wild. He was so drunk with power that he practically became insane and began to do things that only insane minds would do.

Nebuchadnezzar was subsequently sentenced to hell. He was put in prison in Planet Saturn where he and all his messengers – his angels – belong. The eye of the animal in the South Pole of Planet Saturn is the eye of the beast – Nebuchadnezzar.
Nebuchadnezzar – the beast – was called the morning star because Saturn was his place of his abode. He was the ruler of that Planet for a while. The Planet Saturn is the morning star visible in the early morning hours. While Nebuchadnezzar flourished there, he was himself the Planet Saturn.

Now we know why the Devil was addressed as the morning star like Jesus. The Devil (Nebuchadnezzar) was the light of the world for a while. His kingdom Babylon held up the torch of Lucifer, and the whole world was held captive by her (Babylon).  It was as a result of the light in the hand of Babylon Nebuchadnezzar earned the name Lucifer.

Saturn’s North Pole is Paradise (Heaven) to the godly; Saturn’s South Pole is Hell to the godless.

In the past, King Nebuchadnezzar was allowed to dominate the planet. He didn’t only dominate the planet; he went and sat down in the Holy Place calling himself God. Here is how he did it: He was operating with the triangle, the hexagram and the Cross.

Though the triangle symbolizes the Trinity in the Holy place, Nebuchadnezzar made it an occult and magic symbol.
Though the hexagram was the Star of David, Nebuchadnezzar made it an occult and magic symbol as well. The Cross was modified to suite the aims and objectives of the kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar.

Example: the Swastika is a modified Cross used to promote violence, racism, discrimination, war and wickedness.
Cult groups of all kinds use the Cross as a symbol of worship of the Devil. Worshipers of the Devil use these symbols to justify wickedness practiced and promoted by their cult group.
Dreaded cult groups in Africa, famous for their sorcery and magic, use these signs and symbols to justify their wicked and deceptive practices.

Cosmic powers and various forces from the air, water, mountains, sea, trees, etc. were out to wrestle the inheritance of Isaac. These forces interacted with men and dominated the societies of men throughout the history of the earth. Men were practically offering sacrifices to these things and worshiping them as gods.

A planet, satellites, stars and all the powers in space came down to earth to wrestle from Abraham what God said is already his. Jupiter’s moon Europa came down to earth to deprive Israel of his place. Europa manifested on earth as the continent of Europe, and all who were called Europeans were coordinated, ruled and influenced by Jupiter’s sixth moon.

Jupiter sixth moon Europa was the mysterious dragon behind the mother of Holy Wisdom. He was monitoring the places of worship in order to deny and destroy Christ when he appears. As the Roman Empire, he rushed down to seize and dominate Jerusalem in order to deny the coming of Jesus Christ. 

Europa was the beast with seven heads and ten horns.

Europa stood very close to Haggia Regia. His proximity to Holy Wisdom is evident in the relationship between Jupiter and its sixth moon. When Holy Wisdom was in Jupiter, the seat of the Mother of Christ on earth was moved from Jerusalem to Constantinople. Europa was standing close monitoring the Church in Constantinople as he did in Jerusalem.

Politicians of all levels and kings under the influence of Europa wrestled desperately with Jacob (Israel) to deprive him what is already his.

All these failed because Solomon built a dwelling place for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Temple Solomon built for God was not a Temple built by hand; it was a Temple built in the hearts of men. Solomon’s Temple was Divine Wisdom meant to last for all time.

After the stones of the Temple in Jerusalem laid one over another have crumbled; Solomon’s Temple stood indestructible. This is the eternal Temple that will never be destroyed.