The Light of Lucifer

The dominant power on earth was a tower (a skyscraper) – a 45-Storey building built in Time and History. The 45-Storey is made up of the 45 kings that ruled the empire.

Note: the dominant power on earth is also called ‘the World Power’ or ‘the most Powerful Nation on Earth’

Each floor in the skyscraper represents a king. The penultimate and the ultimate kings of this empire are the 44th and the 45th floors of the tower respectively.

40 is the wilderness. At 40, the Empire began to go into the wilderness. In the wilderness, the 44th king is equal to 4, and the 45th king is equal to 5. The two kings are 4 and 5 or 45, which means that the entire history of the empire is summarized to the two kings.

Penultimate King = 4
Ultimate King      = 5

4 and 5 represent the two alliances. At the end of Time, the people of that empire are aligned to either 4 or 5. This sets the stage for the crucial alliance of the dead in the valley of Siddim.

The Valley of Siddim = the Valley of the Dead Sea 

The Dead Sea represents the population of the godless or the Zombies. They were dead men because they had no Christ in them. The nation of King Nebuchadnezzar was polarized, and the dead on one side began to fight against the dead on the other side. These fighting Zombies will stop fighting when they see Jesus. They will stop fighting in order to unite against Jesus. But the light of Christ will take them prisoners because Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

The two Kings = Penultimate and Ultimate King
                         = 4 and 5
                         = 45

The entire history or reign of the empire is equal to 45 (45 Rulers). This means that the height of the empire is from 4 to 5. 4 is at the feet; 5 is at the head. Between 4 (Penultimate King) and 5 (Ultimate King) are 43 Kings. The 43 kings are 43 floors of the Tower.

The Tower (the skyscraper) is named after the Ultimate King – the Gold Head:
“You are the head of gold” (Daniel 2:38)

Head of Gold: His hair is painted Gold

Further manifestation of the Gold Head is that golden curtains are now covering the palace of the king and the golden flame crowning the statue of Libertas (Liberty).

The Ultimate king or the gold head is King Nebuchadnezzar. God gave the spirit (the character) of Nebuchadnezzar to the man who was willing to act like him. He was scheduled to be condemned for all the atrocities of violence, war, executions, torture, and murder committed on earth; hence God brought him back to face judgment. 

The 45-Storey building was the Tower of Babel (Tower of Babylon) destroyed in the Book of Genesis when God came down to inspect the earth. This means that every nation or kingdom that rise up to the status of World Power on earth will be ultimately brought down by the Word of God. The World Power is Babylon, therefore the fall of the World Power is the Fall of Babylon or the Fall of the Tower of Babel. 

The Tower of Babel is right there now. It is the Tower of the man who is the Ultimate King of Babylon. Babylon was the most powerful nation on earth, and the Tower of Babel was the Tower of King Nebuchadnezzar who is the Ultimate King and the light of the godless on earth.

Saturn’s hexagon (the hexagram) turns from blue (Israel) to gold (the church) indicating that power has been transferred from the 12 Tribes of Israel to the 12 Apostles of the Lamb.

Blue (Israel)          = 5
Gold (the Church) = 4

The bluish Star of David began to glow as the star of Jesus at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Kingdom of David was the Kingdom of God on Earth. Jesus (the Church) was the product of the Kingdom of David; therefore, Jesus (the Church) is said to be the product (Son or Descendant) of David. This means that the Church (the 12 Apostles of Jesus) is further development or the advanced state of the Kingdom of David.

David’s Kingdom was the blue hexagram (or blue hexagon) now in heaven as the Orthodox Church. The kingdom manifested in the flesh as John the Baptist, and the disciples of John the Baptist were the Israelites taken from the Earth into Heaven. They are there now in the Orthodox Church.

There were other Israelites left on the earth. They were left on the earth because they neither followed John nor Jesus. The golden era for these Israelites who belong to the earth is when Nebuchadnezzar was the King of the most powerful empire on earth. The most powerful empire on earth was Babylon; when Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon, the Israelites who belonged to the earth were promoted to the top of Babylon’s Government.

Daniel; the young, handsome and intelligent Israelite; was promoted to the top of the advisory of the king of Babylon. The evidence is there now, right there by the side of the ruler of the most powerful nation on earth. Though Daniel died, God promised he will be raised at the end of Time.

Now the cycle of Time is complete. Now Daniel is raised.

This is the resurrection of Daniel:
“Daniel, be faithful to the end. Then you will die, but you will rise to receive your reward at the end of time.” (Daniel 12:13)

End of Time = the beginning and the End of the Clock
                     = at 12
                     = at full circle

At the completion of the cycle of Time, those that belong to heaven were lifted up into the light of Christ above, while those that belong to the earth were taken into the light of Babylon below. The light of Babylon is a torchlight in the hand of libertas (Columbia) raised by the Statue of Libertas.

Libertas was the wife of Nebuchadnezzar. Nebuchadnezzar built a secret garden for her – the secret garden was named after Babylon, the wife of King Nebuchadnezzar. Babylon is a cosmic power in space; interacting, communicating, and dominating men on earth. She had been the only consistent World Power on Earth since the Time of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

Babylon is a cosmic power in space identified as Statue of Liberty Nebula.  She was one of all the cosmic powers who came out to fight against the body of Christ. Jesus overcame her and all the cosmic powers.

The light in her hand was the temporary light made to shine until the coming of the light of Christ. This was the light imposed on the whole human race. Global commerce and money were built into this light such that no one could buy or sell without accepting and following this light. This was the light called Lucifer.

Since Nebuchadnezzar was the architect of Babylon, the light raised up by the Statue of Babylon was Nebuchadnezzar. This means that Nebuchadnezzar was Lucifer whose light shone from the ancient world into the New World. He was the king who came from Old Babylon to dominate New Babylon. Although he had been coming in different personalities since ancient times, he has come in his full form in this last days. Unlike in ancient times, he will not be allowed to drag the world into violence and war.

Nebuchadnezzar was the ruler of the Ancient World whom Jesus said was coming. He was the Ancient Serpent (or the Devil) personified. He was the mysterious Dragon standing in the places of worship in order to eat up the Child Jesus immediately he was born. Standing in the place of worship means that he was using the word "Israel" and the word "Christianity" to advance Babylon's selfish interest.

The child Jesus was meant to crush the head of this great deceiver, and Nebuchadnezzar was well aware of this. In a futile attempt at stopping his head being crushed, Nebuchadnezzar pitched his tent close to the Church and Jerusalem where God was being worshiped.

Predictions about a young king who would destroy Nebuchadnezzar’s world are wide spread in the nations of Babylon. Predictions from Astrologers and Babylonian Seers kept pointing to a horrible future where the light of the nations that were ruling the earth will be destroyed by the light of Christ. The destruction of the light of Babylon was how Satan the Devil was driven out of heaven.

The Babylonians thought they were Christ the king and the Light of the world, and anyone contrary to the world they built was identified as "Antichrist". The definition of their Antichrist certainly didn't originate from the Holy Bible. They weren't looking forward to Christ's redemption because they believed that they were already saved by their own light. They were only afraid of the future when a certain figure will come and drive them out of their comfort zone.

Consequently, gloomy pictures of the coming of Christ were painted all over Babylon. The gloom and doom describing the coming of Christ were described as 'Doom's Day'. Doom's Day is doom for the godless but salvation for the righteous. Those who belong to Babylon will be sad, but the Church and all righteous people of God will be happy. 

In the gloomy pictures, cities such as New York, London, Paris and Rome were destroyed by missile. The destruction wasn't physical destruction and the missile wasn't physical missiles. The destruction was the destruction of a whole civilization and the missile is the Word of God. The Word of God says Babylon will fall, and the fall of Western Civilization was how the Word of God destroyed Babylon.